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Business Technology Infrastructure – An Emerging Technologies Boon

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



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Business Technology Management is a rapidly emerging discipline and professional field in business management. This technology involves the use of new technologies for realizing organizational objectives and the utilization of advanced information systems for achieving and maintaining business success. The areas of business technology are wide and include such areas as e-business, enterprise resource planning, customer service, information technology, internet marketing, manufacturing, and organizational communications.

One of the most vital aspects of business technology is that it can be used to bring all departments closer to the customers, thereby eliminating unnecessary duplication of tasks across departments. For example, the customer service representative at a large corporation may use a word processing program to record and file customer comments and inquiries, as well as make verbal responses. However, at a local restaurant, the chef might use a simple handheld or desktop computer to prepare the food, and the waiter would then use a personal computer, fax, or photocopy machine to deliver the food to the tables. Both of these tasks would have been accomplished with excellent results if business technology had been implemented in both locations.

Another important area of business technology management is that it includes information technology management. In this field, the professionals analyze the needs of businesses and the appropriate technology solutions, such as the incorporation of the latest software applications, in order to provide the businesses with improved efficiency and cost savings. This requires the expertise of those in the technical, marketing, and customer support areas of any organization. In addition, businesses may utilize information technology to manage their own networks and to promote their businesses and products through the use of online marketing strategies and social media sites.


Another facet of business technology management concerns creating new business models, such as the creation of an e-commerce site to support a product or service. Many companies believe that this type of new business model has little to no risk, due to the fact that customers interact with a third party on the Internet and do not feel the necessity to conduct business with the company directly. For this reason, many companies are turning to an e-commerce solution, which will require them to create a website, for the purposes of selling their products and services. Businesses may also elect to utilize a customer interfacing technology solution, such as an online community for the purposes of receiving feedback about the products and services offered by the company. This type of service allows businesses to not only interact with their clients online, but also to provide them with the ability to search other websites for specific information about their products, or services, before making a purchase.

Accounting is another aspect of business technology that has become crucial in recent years. In the past, most companies did not have a separate department for accounting, but instead, an accountant provided these services. The problem with this strategy was that while accounting was necessary for the successful running of a company, it was not necessary for the well-being of the accounting itself. As a result, many accounting professionals were not adept at performing their job, which led to a lack of satisfied customers, and low profitability.

Today, almost every aspect of business technology is affected by the advent of emerging technologies. From medical devices to household appliances, people are discovering new uses for products each day. With emerging technologies, companies must rapidly adapt to help their clients maintain profitability and meet client demands. By utilizing a comprehensive business technology infrastructure, companies can ensure that they remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

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