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Which Phone Camera Is Better For You, Huawei Or LG GS?




Are you looking for an improved smartphone camera? For good photos, you may be looking for a camera with larger sensors and faster lenses. But with the current slim smartphones, it is not possible to put a big camera module, unless you want the phone to bulge.

To tackle the problem, several smartphone companies seem to use multiple cameras, including Huawei and LG. Both dual-camera flagships tout their camera features heavily in promotional materials. Though the two smartphone have one camera on the front and two on the back, they are built differently and they take very different photos.

The LG G5’s back has one 16-megapixel sensor, which is the main camera of the phone. Next to it is 8-megapixel sensor that comes in when you zoom out to get a wide and slightly distorted photo. On the other hand, the Huawei P9 has embraced a different approach. The two sensors of the phone take photos at the same time, with one specializing in black and white photos. Afterwards, Huawei’s software joins the two images into one, resulting in a more detailed photo.

Spec-wise, the main sensor of LG G5 has optical image stabilization and 16 megapixels that have/1.8 aperture. The Huawei P9 does not have optical image stabilization, but have two 12-megapixel sensors that have f/2.2 aperture. Therefore, Huawei is a step behind LG in the Spec department.

Although both phones’ camera setting is “auto” mode by default, they can be set to “pro” mode. Pro mode provides a lot of camera settings, including white balance, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity. In addition, both phones have different extra scene modes such as night mode, panorama, High Dynamic Range (HDR), beauty and more. Also, both devices have 10 “film” modes.

While taking photos in outdoor daylight, the Huawei P9 takes beautiful and clear photos, with many details, but the colors are a bit very vivid. Photos from the LG G5 have more accurate colors and overall very nice. However, on details and sharpness, Huawei P9 wins.

Both phones have problems with the evening scene, due to the low light settings and artificial light source. But the Huawei P9 struggles more in low light conditions because it does not have optical image stabilization; it will take you more time to take a sharp photo compared with the LG G5. Consequently, the Huawei P9’s photos are darker and grainer.
While in their superpower, the Huawei leads the LG G5.The Huawei P9’s biggest strength (superpower) is its monochrome mode. In that mode the camera is dedicated to capture details in black and white. Even at low resolution, the Huawei P9 takes slightly darker and flawless photos. On the other hand, the LG G5’s photo is not truly monochrome. Therefore, Huawei P9’s monochrome is better.

There is a lot I have not compared, especially videos, speed and selfie. Both smartphones are very advanced and it is difficult to identify the winner. Both phones offer a lot. The ultra-wide mode of LG G5 is amazing. Similarly, Huawei P9 can take better photos than other smartphones in some conditions.

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