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Computer Networking Is Critical to Businesses

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




Computer Networking (also known as ComputerNet) is the process of designing, building, and maintaining computer networks that work for a company or organization. A computer network is simply a collection of computers that share resources provided or located on a specific network node. The computers typically use common communication protocols such as TCP/IP over either internal or external copper wires to communicate with one another. All computers on a given network are connected to at least one other computer in the same network and any number of additional computers that are connected to each other.

The basic purpose of a computer networking system is the placement of a communication medium between various computers and servers within a corporate structure. This facilitates various types of communication, including email, fax, and telephony. A computer network also allows the transfer of various types of information such as data, software, and gameplay. Computer networking also provides security for an organization’s internal network as well as the external network from which it derives its access. Thus, if a malicious user gains unauthorized access to a network, the security of both the internal network as well as the external network can be easily disabled thus protecting the valuable business information stored on the computers.

In terms of the design of computer networking, the basic infrastructure of the system consists of several devices that are interconnected through a specific physical layer such as local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). Each node in a WAN has its own processing unit and is connected to other nodes on the LAN via either logical link or physical link. There are various types of networking technologies that can be used to connect different computers within a LAN or a WAN.


One of the most basic elements of computer networking is the network infrastructure. The network infrastructure refers to the devices, such as routers, that are placed in a certain location to establish and maintain connections to the rest of the network. The function of routers is to send and receive data and the source of the traffic between them. In this connection process, the physical connection between the computers is created using routers. There are different types of routers such as leased-line routing wherein there is a point-to-point connection between computers while wireless network routing uses radio signals for the point-to-point connections and is considered more secure than the traditional wire connections.

Another component of the computer networking system is the switch or the appliance that connects the nodes to each other and to the physical layer, such as the router or the network card. The switches or the appliances can be either wired or wireless. Wired networking can use the physical layer for the connections or it can use the virtual network layer that exists in a local area network. For wireless networking, a router is needed to establish a connection between all the nodes in the set.

It is important for a company to realize that its IT infrastructure significantly contributes to the firm’s ability to compete in today’s business world. Thus, it should take the right steps in maintaining its IT networks. IBM Cloud provides a comprehensive and scalable approach to help companies improve their IT infrastructure and to reduce costs associated with it. IBM has been a leader in offering enterprise-level IT services. By combining high-quality hardware and software with the latest cloud services, we can improve our networks and increase our productivity.

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