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Connected mobility concept of Audi has an electric longboard in its bumper




One cannot drive to all places; some places require you to walk while other will need you to scoot. Audi’s connected mobility concept has come to assist you park and scoot the rest of your journey.

On Monday morning, at the Beijing Motor Show, Audi displayed a new connected mobility concept that uses an electrically driven scooter/ longboard skateboard hybrid and smartphone integration to simplify your commute.

Based upon the Q3, the connected mobility concept links the smartphone calendar of the user via the Audi MM connect Application. Once synced, the vehicle knows where the driver is heading. Accordingly, it estimates the quickest route to the journey’s end, whether it includes the vehicle or not.

When the fastest way does not need driving the Audi, it will make you know of a nearby parking area. Once parked, just take the electric scooter stored in the back bumper and scoot until you get to your destination.

As for the scooter, it can go 7.4 miles just on a single charge, with a maximum speed of 18 mph.

To ensure you are not scooting blindly, the scooter allows the rider to put their smartphone into the handlebars. While at that place, the Audi MMI connects App can assist the rider locate where he/she is going.

Though this is a concept, this is a semi-realistic representation of future mobility. Most likely, however, the future will not allow us to drive the Audi because we are expecting self-driven cars in the near future.

With this concept, the car itself is not very significant. What is fascinating is what is inside of it: a beautiful electric scooter. The electric scooter automatically charges when placed inside of the rear bumper. The good thing is that the navigation system of the car automatically calculates if you’re better off using the car or using the scooter to get to your destination.

The scooter, an insanely over-engineered art that is made of carbon and aluminum fiber, can be used in three different modes. You can ride it just like a normal longboard, or deploy a handlebar and use it as a scooter, or put it in a cargo mode, load it up with groceries or anything you are buying, and then allow it to follow you around automatically by tracking your smartwatch or smartphone.

Lately, the “mobility” catchword is popping up in many companies in the auto industries. The car companies are looking for ways to advance transportation and reach beyond car ownership. There are some companies that are working on ride-and car-share system. Others are experimenting with “multi-modal” techs— train e-bike, car, and so on. Audi concept definitely falls in that category.

The Audi idea is not only particularly amazing but a clever way to assist in alleviating congestion in the cities and towns. The electrically-powered longboard occupy less space while moving, and neatly folds into compartment under the boot.

The longboard has a place where you can mount your smartphone that help you download your destination and follow instructions on the screen. Though this is merely a concept, it can be used to beat the traffic in the future.

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