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Disadvantages Of Technology And Its Effect On Education

Hillary Cyril



Education Technology

This article provides basic information on why we need to have technology in our lives, what are its advantages and disadvantages and how can technology help us achieve our goals and objectives in life. The article also lists some of the top most influential thinkers who are regarded as the pioneers of different fields of science, technology, and business. Technology has been one of the major drivers behind many great discoveries and innovations that have made our life easier and convenient. These were the 13 benefits of technology listed for your consideration.

Economic Development: Many benefits of the new technologies that have emerged and have been developed by the different organizations, government as well as non-profit organizations are directly related to economic development. With the advent of new technologies, new opportunities and improved business opportunities have been created. Faster growth and better income levels are among the many advantages of technology. Greater production capacity, improved distribution, and delivery, cost efficiency, social media networking, digital information sharing are among the other advantages of technologies.

Technology And Education: In the next two decades there is a strong possibility that all the leading sectors of education will be completely dependent on technologies. This is because students will no longer require books or any form of reading material anymore. Instead, they will need to study their lessons online using any of the digital information available on the Internet. During the coming years, it is very likely that the majority of students will study and learn on their personal computers. Therefore, another advantage of technologies in education is that they have made distance education possible. Moreover, it has reduced the expenses involved in teaching students.


Improved Classroom Discipline: Another advantage of technology helps in the improvement of classroom discipline. Due to the faster speeds of the Internet, teachers can ensure that lessons are taught in a shorter time span and without compromising the quality. The classroom discussion can also take place anywhere at any time of day and the students can easily take part in the discussions online. There is no question of a teacher being interrupted and no excuse to give a missed lecture.

Technology And Online Accessibility: Another advantage of using technology in education is that it allows students to learn from home. They do not have to physically move out of their homes to attend classes in a classroom. In addition to that, teachers and other school officials can now take advantage of online learning environments for a variety of reasons. For example, they can allow a teacher to take part in online workshops and seminars in the comfort of their homes. In addition to that, they can be distributed throughout the entire world thereby providing a virtual learning environment.

Overall, the advantages and disadvantages of technology should be analyzed with an open mind. It has created wonders in every sphere of life including education. However, there are some disadvantages of this incredible tool that we should keep in mind and be conscious of them. Only then can we use technology in such a way that it will not bring harm to our society and human life.

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