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Drivers Should Download these Awesome Car Applications




Days are coming when cars will be driving themselves and your worry will shift to which Netflix show you will watch when commuting. Until then, drivers should use all the help that is available through these Car Applications.

Accordingly, here are the best Car Applications that every driver should at least have, from finding the cheapest gas to finding great driving roads.

Greatest Drive
Have you ever wanted to go for a sport or scenic drive, but you are not familiar with any great driving roads? That is where Greatest Drive comes in. App users are able to identify and rate driving roads in more than 160 countries around the world.

It is easier to find a road near you now. Greatest Drive, an iPhones app for car fans connects car travelers and enthusiasts so that they can find the best roads for driving. This application assists drivers who want to find new place to ride during the weekends or when visiting different countries in the world.

To open this application, pick an area you are heading, and see many great roads on the map. All those roads have been added by others users of the road.

Using the app, you can also access how drivers have rated a road in term of twistiness, fun, road surface and scenery. Look at the road and see its surface type and length.

Although gas is cheaper, that does not mean that you cannot find the cheapest gas. Download GasBuddy, an application that assists drivers in Australia, Canada and U.S locate cheap pumps in your area. See this link here

While traveling, passengers enter gas prices they see on the road. They mostly enter the cheapest one.

Openbay is there to help those who require service for their vehicles but they do not know what to do.
The application needs you to type information of your vehicle and the kind of service that you need. The application will look for the service you needs from local repair garages and submit their bids.

If you accept the bid, you will pay for it as well as schedule the repair for it. With the app, the repairing car does not need to be a hassle. It will make you book your car repair with confidence.


For those who drive a Fiat 500e, Tesla Models or any other plug-in car, Plugshare will make sure you will never be left stuck in your EV.

Plugshare is a great online tool and mobile app that enable electronic car owners to trace EV charging stations. It offers an up-to-date and comprehensive database of electronic charging stations in Asia, Europe and North America. The database automatically collects information from EV charging stations in the country. Plugshare enable the owners of EV to add, edit, and review station info.

With the application, you can view the ratings of a certain charge stations, real-time availability, descriptions and photos.

Are you a car enthusiast? It is important for you to have car-value close to you. After all, you never know when you’ll come across gold. Maybe your cousin’s friend is selling that car you have always wanted.


Chrome come in to help you find car values. With it, you can find the values of cars from 1920s and on.

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