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Elevator – One of a Kind start-up




If you had doubts about what lengths technology could go, then grab some popcorn because it’s as crazy as any blockbuster movie. The tech ecosystem engines are the start-ups and it’s always fascinating to see and hear how innovators with great ideas are using tech solutions to solve problems or create opportunities that didn’t even exist. I mean it’s like solving a problem which you didn’t know existed till something arises.

Elevator is one start-up that is doing such great things. Elevator is a start-up which helps people or ‘teams’ come together and connects them with better opportunities or opportunities that suit them as a team. Well, I know that seems a bit strange or unusual but in the workplace about to be flooded by millennials, it works wonders.

Here is an example. You are in a firm/company working as an asset manager. You have one or two junior workers under you who you really like working with. You also would love to start working with another colleague whom you think has a lot of potential. What you do is simply sign up to Elevator, with your ‘team’ and the algorithm created connects your team with opportunities that suit you (as a team).

What this means basically is that you can move from one company to another with people whom you know and love working with. Isn’t just awesome and practical? I mean studies have been done about millennials and some of their traits. For example, it has been said that Millennials are flexible and collaborative as opposed to their predecessors who are a bit rigid and prefer to work alone. What this start-up has done is to merely take advantage of millennials traits in the workplace and use that to develop an excellent solution for people moving jobs.

There are so many other start-ups doing great things like Elevator. The idea seems far-fetched a bit but it is a good solution all the same. Anyway, what do you think of the idea? Can it work for you or can you see it working in the practically??

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