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Technology users are exposed to a new form of devices that enable them to gain access to an improved lifestyle. Techannouncer will explain how wearable technology can enhance your life.

Characteristics for Wearable devices
An examination of various technologies such as wearable sensors and computers, wearable devices have the following characteristics.
• Communicative- they enable users to connect and communicate with other users as well as with surrounding worldwide web;
• Observable- equipment should be responsive using different media such as display movements and sounds; and
• Attentive- sensors should enable wearable to be aware of their surroundings.

Checking body functions
The most important function of the wearable device is the online monitoring of human body functions in various natural and safety-critical environments. For instance, they are used in tracking pulse, temperature and blood pressure of patients. These functions are life-critical and they facilitate transmitting the data to medical staff to allow the right treatment to be constantly controlled.

In addition, that data obtained from wearable devices can be used in a variety of applications such as monitoring car driver, motor cyclist rate of exhaustion and level of alertness, observing workers in crucial situations that require a high level of alertness or following sports training to improve level or performance.

Use of ambient intelligence
The use of wearable devices technology proved to be quite vital in professional services such as firemen, doctors. There has been a development of the new algorithms, based on learning and reasoning gestures. These are vital with regard to WSN (wireless sensor network) gesture-based ambient intelligence applications as well as machine learning systems ability to recognise existing gesture patterns or learn new ones.

In all these scenarios, ambient intelligence is used to capture data from sensors and understand the environment of the user whereby all the data are combined, processed and used to take decisions enabling the user to use an easy-to-understand interface. In ViCoMo, a project that has been developed advanced video-interpretation algorithms, wearable are being developed to enhance images acquired with multiple camera systems so that the intelligence of visual systems is improved and the behaviour of persons and objects in a 3D view recognised.

Real-Time Detection
This real time technology optimises use body posture detection sensors to detect whether the user is performing or exercising sport correctly and send the information to the user. By adding location and other useful technologies, distance, calories consumed and average speed can be calculated. The crucial innovation here is the location in real time and suggestions to optimise exercise and sports performance. In the field of eHealth, there is an application from Mobile that has been developed that enable doctors to work on chronic disease management whereby the user and doctor receive real-time information about the user’s health status.

Ability to gather information in case of fire
In a scenario of a fire-fighting area, there is an innovative solution to develop a wearable device like a polo shirt, with sensors to collect all the vital signs. The sensor data of the wearable device and from a source such as a camera is controlled by a human operator who is alerted whenever the data exceeds normal limits. So all the major parameters of the fireman engaged in a situation are constantly monitored, so allowing timely intervention before lethal parameters are reached, with a vibration warning or an audio.

Wearable tech is very crucial in life. You have to embrace it to enhance your life, won’t you?

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