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An Era has ended: Goodbye the Xbox 360 Production




It has been almost two and half years since the Xbox One substituted the Xbox 360. Microsoft is now ready to halt the production of Xbox360.

It is thought that sales of the older platform have been gradually declining for months. However, Microsoft has refused to reveal the exact sales figures. Nevertheless, this is the end and beginning of a new era. The Xbox 360 was breakout console of Microsoft. The device put the firm on the World’s map as a threat to dominance of Sony during the PS2 and PS3 time.

The last console generation saw Sony’s Ken Kataragi making dismissive statements revealing how invincible the Japanese thought it was. He was asked about the price on the PS3 and stated that it was a goal of Sony to make users work more hours to purchase their devices.” We want consumers to feel they need it, irrespective of anything else.” In 2006, Kutaragi asserted that the Xbox 360 cannot compete with Sony’s product, arguing “A generation cannot start until we authorize.”

Xbox and the PS3 were almost in the same place in the previous generation in terms of total unit sales. However, in the beginning, console of Microsoft ate Sony’s lunch. The gaming ambitions of the company started with the original Xbox, but it was the Xbox 360 that deepened and strengthened its franchise pool with main hits from Mass Effect, Gears of war, and Halo. The console had a hardware problem in its life cycle (the Ring of Death), but it recovered. The presentation and general focus of Xbox 360 were so strong that the Xbox One’s features and initial launch plans were the subject of ire from fans.

One main argument during the launch of Xbox One was that Microsoft was not considering the lessons that were learned by Sony from the PlayStation 3’s initial struggles. Microsoft focused on supplying a well-balanced and top-notch gaming platform at a good price. On the other hand, Sony decision was to use very powerful but hard to program processor. It also had an expensive Blu-ray player that made the price of PS3 higher compared to its competitor, Xbox 360.

Some gamers supported Microsoft upgrade plans because they give the company an opportunity to fix the weaker performance that characterized the Xbox One since its launch.

Xbox 360 still in the market will be supported through warranty periods. Microsoft will not shut down Xbox Live or game servers. For now, devices, gamers linked to the Xbox 360 and the peripherals will function normally.

In a blog post, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said that “we will be selling existing inventory of Xbox 360 console, but availability will vary from one country to another”. He assured the consumers that the “Xbox Live servers that back Xbox 360 services will remain online and active.”

Spencer emphasized that Xbox one user will continue enjoying some Xbox 360 games via Xbox One Backward Compatibility. No additional cost will be required. This is expected to aid sales of the newest console of the company, which is reportedly lagging behind Sony’s PlayStation4 in the war for market dominance.


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