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Ever heard of “error 53” that renders an iPhone non-functional?




Error 53, as recently reported by The Guardian has the effect of rendering several versions of the iPhone brick including iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus.

However, the problem is not without a cause as it occurs when one procures repair services for their phone’s home button in any other place other than the recommended authorised Apple repair centre or an Apple store. For your information, the touch ID sensor is part of the home button and if replaced, chances are that your iPhone will get Error 53.

It should be understood that each and every ID sensor on the iPhone must be repaired with an iPhone and does not work with any other device. This is done in a deliberate move to make sure that the chip’s secure element, responsible for storage of touch ID data, cannot be used with any other hardware.

Why Error 53?
21The aim is to ensure customer security. Indeed, this was clearly stated in apple’s statement to Mashable which clarifies that Error 53 results from security checks aimed at protecting the customers. The statement explains that the iOS does a check-up of the Touch ID sensor in the device (iPhone or iPad) to ascertain whether or not it matches other components in the device. Where the check discloses a mismatch, the Touch ID is accordingly disabled. The purpose of the security measure is twofold; for the protection of your device and the ensuring that no fraudulent Touch ID sensor is used.

Although the Error may be rather irritating, the secure element of the Touch ID is of utmost importance because it means the security of the customer’s banking information as it has to do with fingerprints. Actually, unauthorized part may jeopardize the Touch ID system. Once a customer encounters Error 53, the solution is to talk to Apple support.

Avoiding Error 53
1530658While this problem can be avoided by procuring repair services from Authorised Apple stores only, the challenge is that it is rather expensive to the tune of $200. Further, in some countries, there might be no such Apple stores.

Apart from replacing the home button, some users have reported that the error is also caused by replacement of the screen.

Users of iPhone should be advised to get their phones repaired at the Apple store because this is the most secure step to take.

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