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Expect Flying Cars in 2017




The future seems so bright with flying cars likely to be the next great deal in future transportation. Apparently, skies of tomorrow are going to be quite crowded.

Here is a look at the most thrilling, ready model of a flying car. At long last, after decades of waiting anxiously, there is a company that has demonstrated its market plans for a flying car with the announcement that it would produce a flying car within 24 months.

Earlier last year, a Slovakian company AeroMobil unveiled its “most advanced flying car” of a road-ready flying car with a stylish design and attractive wings. Reports from its founders indicate that the flying car has what it takes to become an integral part of the regular road traffic while at the same time being able to land and take off in any airport in the world. The flying car is able to drive 430 miles on a tank of petrol. AeroMibil Company announced its intention to move flying cars to the market earlier last month.

This flying car only requires about two hundred meters for take-off and approximately fifty for landing. Therefore, there is no need for long landing fields or other facilities.

Reports from the company’s top officials indicate that they are actually expediting the production, building the team, and clear plans are that by 2017 they will be able to release into the market the first ever flying vehicle-roadster. They have affirmed that their intention is not only to showcase that it is possible to the merger a plane and a car but also to commercialise this new flying vehicle.

A senior official from the company further anticipates that the flying vehicle will initially thrill car fans and planes enthusiasts. It could be the most expensive and car admirers will have to part with a price tag that ranges somewhere in between the latest offerings from car dealers such as Tesla Motors and a small plane that cost approximately hundred thousand dollars.

The first ever commercially available in the market model is likely to be a 435-mile range, a two-seater with top air-speed at around 124 miles per hour, take-off speed of 81 miles per hour, and an autopilot function.Certainly, when it comes to flying vehicles, the mode of operation often seems to be “hurry up and wait.”

Terrafugia, an American Company also is hoping to start delivering its own flying vehicle model this year or probably next year, something it previously hoped to achieve back in the year 2011.

Though it is attractive and luxurious, the aerial vehicles bring also does bring along many problems as well. Just imagine if it becomes popular, it will most definitely change completely not only the way we move from one place to another but also our interactions with the sky which so far is one of the few place yet not contaminated by human activities. Pollution and not to mention the risk of collisions, will all have to be dealt with.

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