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For Protection From Wildfire NASA Launched Heat-Shield Technology




NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is a research agency under United States government. NASA Langley Research Centre in Virginia had established a hot-air balloon act as heat protection for spacecraft. In 2013 when the deadly news about Yarnell Hill Fire in which 19 fire fighters were killed, then Mary Beth Wusk who worked at NASA Langley Research center made a decision that she will do something to avoid these type of incidents.

Mary Beth Wusk said that when they heard about the incident of Yarnell Hill with the fires and the loss of the firemen, then they discussed  this with their team.

NASA Launched Heat-Shield Technology 1To enhance and improve the prospective of survival, Mary Beth Wusk said that there is a possibility in that the materials they are employing can be different from set-up shelters and if yes then they must go for it for more protection.

These discussion will lead to the formation of CHIEFS. CHIEFS basically means Convective Heating Improvement for Emergency Fire Shelters. For this task, a team of professionals are assigned to grab more knowledge about heat-shield technology for their successful space mission and can build an advanced fire shelter technology that is on Earth.

According to Mary Beth Wusk, the guards that are used by fire-fighters to protect from fire were developed in 2002 and they are amazing and helpful only when fire is not directly on you.

Now the shelters that they have launched are specially designed to protect even when the fire is directly on you. And if the flame of fire is high then also it guards firemen under the shelter.

Mary Beth Wusk also said that we had established hot-air balloon heat shield in 2012 as these shields have thermal protection system. And these shields have capacity to enhance strength as well as latent for fire fighters and save their lives.

Josh Fody, who is a project lead for CHIEFS and thermal analyst, said that his professional team has tested on more than 200 different combinations so to find the best one material by which they can build best fire shelters for field experiment.

At Fort Providence in Canada’s Northwest Territories, the U.S. Forest Service carries out the first tests and that is in the month of June. He said that they created firstly a sample shelter in five months and by this we experiment on the real firing environment. This experiment gave them success.

After experiment Josh Fody describes that after having this shelter he feels the intensity of wildfire as it is 100 yards away. According to him this is really a good work and very powerful to get protection. According to him he said during experiment he feels like he stuck in any difficult situation but this shelter will act as life saver.

And the Second experiment is conducted at University of Alberta in Edmonton in the month of September in which a full-scale fire testing facility was used. With these experiments they are going to launch “Generation 2 fire shelters” that is expected to test in spring time.

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