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Get New Facebook Reactions : Love, Sad, Wow and Angry




Do you know that Facebook has new reactions now?  You can now respond to a status with Haha, Love, Sad, Angry and Wow in addition to the original Like.

Facebook has gone an extra mile in helping you express your feeling and thoughts. It has realized the “like” isn’t the best sentiment in every case. The giant social network is now offering the emotion emoljis.

You should know that the reactions are not designated to accommodate all human reactions. Facebook just want to offer a quick and simple way for you to express your feeling or thoughts in a supportive and positive way.

If you have not been able to access those options on your Facebook account, I am here to help.

On the Facebook browser version, hover over the Like and the new reaction will appear in a bar above. There you must be careful; it is very easy to “love” or “wow” someone’s status unintentionally when the mouse cursor is above the new options.

Once you put the new reactions, each post will display the three most received reactions. Clicking on those three will give you a list of how many people have put each reaction. Although you are only allowed to use one reaction when responding to a post; you are free to change the reactions once you change your mind later.

When using Facebook app, it might be required that you close the application and reopen it r for the reaction to appear. Once you click the Like button, a message will appear instructing you to hold down the button to enable the other reactions to appear. Therefore, do not be discouraged when the near reactions fail to appear immediately.

Up to now, you can only use the reactions on videos, post and pictures. You cannot use them on individual comments.

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