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Get Your Business Noticed Using BB Ecommerce

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




BB Ecommerce is a professional free E-commerce WordPress theme. BB Ecommerce is an attractive E-commerce/Woo-Commerce theme specifically designed for eCommerce websites of any scale. This theme is fully responsive and very friendly to use. It has various pre-installed web carts and shopping carts which you can easily add your own plugins for more functionality.

With BB e-commerce store it is possible for you to have a perfect shopping cart solution that is very flexible and yet very useful at the same time. The themes support both secure and non-secure checkout and they have a complete customize system along with a large number of theme templates. This gives you a large variety of options that you can use to create a unique look and feel for your website. There are also numerous theme components available that you can integrate to create your unique design and look.

With BB e-commerce store you can have a fully customizable interface and a fully functional shopping cart. You can use different style sheets for the main header, footer, and side panels for you to have a great degree of flexibility in designing the site. You will also be able to customize the colors with many different themes available. Some of the most common components used are the logo, product image, product description, and shipping calculator. This theme comes with a variety of customization options that allow you to fully control the behavior and appearance of your site.


The Woocommerce system allows you to build a fully functional online store that has all the features that you need to ensure that your customers can quickly purchase items or make any other adjustments that they may need while browsing through the site. This e-commerce store theme has many different plug-ins that you can easily use to add functionality and interactivity to your site. With the Woocomplete you will be able to manage multiple stores and have them all integrated with one easy-to-use administration panel. The administration panel will allow you to create product images, product descriptions, edit prices, and search for sales. The administration panel also comes with a wide array of popular shopping carts such as the Simple Store Cart and the Merchant Bank Shopping Cart. These popular shopping carts are easy to install and easy to customize.

The Premium eCommerce will give you a huge range of customization options. The main categories include shopping cart options such as the built-in or easy-to-modify cart; products/ services inventory options such as categories, sub categories, search drop-down menus, and product search menus. You can also change the color scheme and fonts to match the look and feel of your website. There are many other great features that you will be able to take advantage of such as login options, login labels, login redirects, and custom error messages.

Some of the other great features available to you as a merchant are the following: integrated database optimization, user-friendliness, access to basic admin functions and statistics, customer order entry options, custom logo support, and secure server response. As you can see there are a lot of great things that you can enjoy when using BB E-commerce. You do not have to worry about the extra work involved in creating a website when you choose Premium eCommerce. When you get started creating your website, it will be easy to use and the forums and help section will help you get started with no trouble. You can even have your custom logo available on the site so that everyone will be able to know what your company is all about.

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