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Google Releases a Preview of its New Operating System




Google has released a preview of its new operating system – Android N. The release has come a bit earlier than usual and for all the right reasons. Google normally releases a preview of an upcoming operating system around May but this year it was released a bit earlier to give more time to developers to test Android apps, build new features that integrate with the operating system.

Google’s head of Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer, confirmed it has been released earlier than usual and also added that they have increased ways in which app developers can relay feedback to Google on any issues they face.

The fact that it has been released early mean that it can also be released to devise manufacturers earlier. Normally,  new versions of Android are released a bit late(May and ) most manufacturers get the operating system late. Therefore, it is usually the norm to find Google’s very own Nexus devices running new Android operating systems way before Google’s OEM partners devices run on the new operating system.

A new feature in the new OS includes split screen – which is expected to enhance multitasking. The split screen is called Multi-window, and it enables you to have two apps running on the screen simultaneously. Another interesting feature is fast app switching. There is also a change to notifications where one can enable an app group notifications together. That means that an app will generate notifications which are then put together as one and appear on the screen as such. Also, a feature common in Android Wear and Google Messenger, quick reply is expected to be a permanent feature of the new operating system.

Battery life is expected to be better than even in Android marshmallow – which had outstanding performance compared to previous Android versions primarily because of a feature called DOZE. Developers are encouraged to take up this opportunity to enrol Nexus devices to test the new OS.

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