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Google’s Android vs Apple’s iOS.




Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are both key players in the world of mobile operating systems. There are other mobile operating systems in the market like BlackBerry OS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, HP’s webOS but none have succeeded in gaining such huge customer base as these two. Before comparing between Android and iOS, let’s see what mobile operating system actually is, how it works, and different features that it provides to enhance the satisfaction level of the end user. Every smart phone, tablet, PDAs works on a software base like computers which does real time computing and works as an interface between the phone and the end user which is us humans. Now, let us look into the different features of these two smart phone OS.

Android, which has world’s largest base user is being developed by Google Inc. and it is a Linux based system. The most important reason behind its immense popularity is that Android is an open-source software(free to use). Android is heavily customizable and has a very comfortable user interface. As, Android is available on a huge number of devices such as LG, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Nexus, more and more mobile phone users are exposed to it. Android provides us with every basic smart phone features like messaging, call features, internet browsing, chat, voice commands, maps but the main attractions are the Android based Apps. These apps can be easily downloaded from Play Store and the best thing about these apps- most of them are free.

On the contrary, Apple’s iOS is a closed source and proprietary OS. Which means, one has to pay to use the highly restrictive copyrighted software. iOS is not so much flexible and it only comes with Apple products but it has still managed to hold the second largest customer base (largest in terms of profit). Apps for iOS are available on Apple Play Store. iOS’ uniformity in its design sometimes makes it more user friendly that Android.

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