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The Greasiest and Rarest Super car in the World is now on Sale




If you are very, very rich and enjoy driving insanely fast, worry no more because McLaren Automotive will be selling one of its last FI super cars. Now you have an opportunity to own a greatest super car in automotive history. The British Supercar maker announced that it will put the last F1 supercars ever made on sale.

This is significant for various reasons. First, 64 FI road vehicles were best ever made cars during the 1993 to 1998 making period. More importantly, the car on sale, which was made in 1998, is among the six cars built that year.

This car, chassis number 69 was not available to private owners. It was put in the McLaren assembly and was maintained by the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) group. Though it odometer read 2,800 miles, this car is basically a brand-new 1998 F1.

For people who are yet to familiarize themselves with the F1, it was not just a rare 1990s car. It broke the records that had been set by other supercars in many ways.

First off, in the center of the car sits the driver with two other passenger seats next to him or her on either side, as seen from the interior photo. In addition, it was the first vehicle of its kind to be made from the carbon fiber.

The most important feature of the car is its 627 horsepower 6.1-liter V12 engine that produces large amount of power. With this enormous power under its body, it was easy for the FI to enter into the record for the fastest road-car ever made, hitting 242.8 mph, a speed that is still among the top of the all-time fastest vehicle two decades later

The car still holds its head high as road-speed is concerned, not very far behind a 268mph record that was set by the Bugatti Veyron.

As what the car will cost, it will be really expensive. British actor Rowan Atkinson, well-known as Mr. Bean, vended his twice-crashed F1 for $12.24 million. After some months, another 1998 FI was sold at $13.75 million. Given that the car on sale has remained in the collection of McLaren and it will be last of its kind, it will fetch more than those two. If you would like to know the exact price of the car, feel free to contact McLaren via email using [email protected].

No price has been quoted for FI so far. Therefore, you need to ask McLaren directly. However, it will be millions of pounds.

Why is the car so expensive, you may ask? Apart from being the rarest and fast car, FI comes with very desirable extras: a boxed titanium toolkit, fitted luggage (very advanced storage compartments that are located on the sides of the car), a Tag Heuer owner’s watch and a number of exceptional books.

If, like me, you cannot afford buying McLaren FI, perhaps this video below will help you to know why the car is one of the greatest super cars on the planet:

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