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High School Students Learn More Through Competition

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TOSA (Technology Of The Society Of Technology Student) is an exclusive CTSO dedicated to the educational needs of students most interested in math, science, engineering, and technology (STEM) undergraduate programs. By supporting and participating in these and other related programs, they hope to encourage tomorrow’s technology entrepreneurs. TOSA also helps future technology entrepreneurs understand how to market their products through various media, obtain patent protection for their inventions, and become familiar with the legal issues involved in business filings. All of this equips them with the skills necessary to become tomorrow’s leaders in technology. And it helps prevent them from wasting valuable resources on businesses that will not be successful.

TOSA recognizes that leadership must come from a variety of disciplines within society. TOSA encourages the growth of an inclusive and diverse leadership structure consisting of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and experiences, including members with high school education and/or training from accredited technology-related colleges and universities. Through the establishment of committees and champions, TOSA ensures that these leaders are aware of their shared mission and are working toward common goals. The College Board’s Competitive Matters Program recognizes those colleges and universities that exhibit a consistent record of accomplishments in technology studies over the past five years and works to promote their recognition in competitive events.

The College Board’s Performance Studies program acknowledges that high school students have an individualized need for curricular activities that provide the structure and encouragement necessary for personal growth and success. TOSA recognizes the need for leadership in technology fields and strongly supports students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in any of the science or technology fields. Students pursuing an online Bachelor of Science degree are especially encouraged to participate in TOSA’s Student Leadership Institute. The student leaders have the unique opportunity to learn leadership skills and practice leadership behaviors that are reflective of their academic success and prepare themselves for careers as leaders in their field.

The College Board has developed programs that address students’ needs regarding personal growth and professional advancement. The Personal Growth initiative encourages students enrolled in high school technology education courses to participate in campus events that foster self-leadership and open communication. The National Technology Council is a non-profit organization that is a key partner of the TOSA. The council helps to implement strategies that build upon the College Board’s commitment to excellence while providing technical assistance to students enrolled in accredited programs of higher learning. The council serves as a resource for students enrolled in accredited programs who want more information on career choices and various certifications.

Competitions allow students to show off their unique talents and develop leadership skills. TOSA participates in college and university-sponsored competitions, such as the Intel Science Fair, National Inventors Hall of Fame, and Talent Search. Competitions are designed to provide students with opportunities to demonstrate, develop, and exhibit their talents. Participating in these contests provides a valuable experience that teaches students valuable marketing, management, and strategic planning skills. Competitors in the Science fair, National Inventors Hall of Fame, and Talent Search are selected every year from a pool of more than 500 applicants, which must meet a set of criteria related to their field of study.

Engineering Math competitions are held annually and are open to all students, from beginner levels to adult learners. These competitions provide high school students with an opportunity to display their talent in the area of engineering mathematics. Students are eligible to win money, gifts, and even scholarships. In addition to offering students experience and practice, engineering mathematics competitions also help build students’ self-confidence. To be competitive, students must be able to solve problems using mathematical formulas and equations.

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