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Hosted Desktops : How is VDI Different To DaaS ?




Hosted desktops are now offering a flexible and diverse solution when it comes to web based services, desktop management and security. Virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI offers admin the opportunity to have a lot more choices. Desktop as a Service or DaaS takes a different approach entirely however. It provides you with the option to outsource virtual desktops to your or a cloud servicing provider. There are a lot of course similarities and differences between the two, so we have come up with a few points to help you through.

A major difference between DaaS and VDI is with that DaaS outsources the hosted desktop to a cloud service. Cloud hosted desktops take pressure from those monitoring the IT problems, as they are safely stored away with constant monitoring and protection. However, you will still need the aid of your IT for the managing of your hosted desktops and applications.

It can be debated whether DaaS hosted desktops are more popular, as they are known to be more cost effective compared to VDI. Cloud-hosted desktops offer an easier way to organise and are a lot more beneficial compared to applications that are web based.

Cost cutting is something a business will always try to do and with DaaS it makes it a lot easier. As previously stated, DaaS requires less maintenance compared to VDI can cut down some of business expenditure. Now its not to say that VDI won’t help you cut down the cost, as computer costs will decrease significantly, offering a remote connection for those who need to work remotely.

Its difficult to imagine businesses now without the cloud-hosted, or hosted desktops in place, as they are becoming increasingly influential. However, finding what is right for you is a must before considering whether you want VDI or DaaS. They both offer a different service, but the foundation is the same, as both services include, patch, upgrade and restoration.

However, even though both have its pros and cons, VDI and DaaS both have reasons in the trust department. DaaS offers a support where IT are no longer in control of their online data, whereas VDI would give them full access and support.

Before making any decisions on your provider it is almost beneficial to your business that you consider researching hosted desktops. If you aren’t someone who is familiar with these services consider speaking to consultants and find an advisor to help you with your business.

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