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Innovation in Video Technology: Smartzer Helps Retailers and Consumers




Have you ever heard of a video player that enables consumers to click through and buy retail items they get directly from the screen? Smartzer is an interactive video player that enables shoppers to click retail items and buy or sign up for notifications.

The start-up’s tech enable retailers to tag their items in a video content, from fashion shows to advertisements, consumers can click the items when watching on their mobile or computer devices.

According to Karoline Gross, founder of Smartzer and chief executive, the video player has extensive and integrated data analytics package that gives retailers valuable consumer preference, engagement data and demand prediction. The video player technology also offers intelligence on how shoppers interact with video content.

As the social media channels and e-commerce continue to gain traction, providing shoppers with click-through video content enable retailers to increase they profits on their existing content and market. By analyzing which items consumers click on the retail videos, Smartzer can also provide insight into behavior of shoppers.

Karoline, Smartzer’s founder, previous experience includes founding Blackpearl Pictures LLC, a production company that is based in Angeles. She has also experience in retail, marketing and fashion. She graduated with a degree in MSc Technology Entrepreneurship from UCL, London in 2014. Since its official launch in 2014, she has made Smartzer an award winning startup in the retail industry and fashion.

Founded in 2012 as an interactive video application, Smartzer has now changed to a web-based interactive video player that any retailer can use on their website. It has gained significant traction, facilitating evolving of the product and helping companies to understand consumers’ behavior and analytics.

Shopping through video is more exciting as it provides more opportunities for consumers to shop and engage digitally. The understanding given by the analytics is fascinating. A collection of data on video which are paused, skipped or rewound and the on-screen production elements not only provides insight that can be used to make more engaging video but also inform online merchandising.

Karoline believes that although there are been many “shoppable video”, there is still good opportunity to increase engagements and conversion rates through innovative technology. She adds that Smartzer has already seen engagements rates rise up to 76% and believe that this figure will hit 100% in future.

Interactive video is now a well-established concept. However, its potential has not been fully realized. Smartzer’s aim is to examine the analytics of the interactive video players. Getting detailed data interaction is a key to understanding how interactive videos can be taken to the next level in terms of user experience and results. Some of the way that Smartzer gets this data includes allowing viewers to enter book store appointments and competitions directly from the video player, thus, increasing the volume of data that can be collected to enhance consumer experience.

The interest in shoppable video has increased in recent times across all verticals. From retail to fashion, publishing to automotive, businesses are embracing Smartzer as the latest e-commerce tech.

So far, Smartzer has partnered with Whistles, THE OUTNET.COM, PUMA, The British Fashion Council, GraziaShop and BoxAvenue. Future partnership include various businesses from automotive and electronics

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