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Instructional Technology Helps Students Learn Faster

Hillary Cyril




Instructional Technology is the combination of education practice and computer hardware to facilitate instructional learning. When referred to by its acronym, EdTech, often it’s used to describe the multi-faceted industry of businesses that produce edifying technology. Educational technology encompasses a wide variety of electronic devices such as reading aids, whiteboards, learning management systems, multimedia presentations, testing equipment, and visual display units. Computer-based training also falls under this area of technology.

Teaching and learning is an integral part of every classroom, so much so that it has been called the centrality of schooling. However, as time goes by, more of our time is spent in the classroom. In order to effectively teach students in a classroom, the entire room must be filled with instructional technology designed to support learning and promote comprehension. The classroom provides the perfect venue for interactive learning since it involves an array of different kinds of technology in order for the student to be able to get the most from their learning experience. Here are some of the most popular instructional technologies used today:

Digital Tools – The ability to use digital tools in a class is a relatively newer addition to the list of teaching tools. There are many different kinds of digital tools you can use in your classroom, including computers, projectors, digital boards, videotape, computer animation, and LCD displays. The use of digital tools enables the teacher to give his or her students immediate feedback on how they are progressing. Digital tools have even become as common as textbooks, helping to make the entire process of learning more streamlined.


Software – Another important addition to instructional technology is software. The software can literally make the process of learning easier by assisting the learner in the completion of assignments and research. There are many different kinds of educational software available for use in the classroom today. Some of the most popular include word processors, math programs, educational games, science programs, worksheets, and so forth.

The introduction of these types of instructional technology has helped teachers in several different ways. Not only do these new methods of teaching provide students with a greater sense of independence from their professors, but they also provide students with meaningful ways to learn and enhance their understanding of the subject matter. By using modern instructional technology in the classroom, you can help the student learn faster and better. Instead of being held back by boredom and frustration, students will actually learn and retain the information they are given.

Instructional technology tools are constantly evolving, as evidenced by the wide variety of resources that can be found online. There are many websites that offer instructional technology programs that will help you to learn new skills and techniques, regardless of what kind of learner you are or what your specific goals may be. By using these modern resources, you can provide your students with a higher quality of education, increased knowledge, and understanding, as well as a more enjoyable experience in the classroom. These instructional technology tools have been proven to be a great way to enhance the learning process and increase student retention and achievement. If you are looking for an effective way to support learning, you should definitely consider using these innovative instructional technology tools. No matter what your specific goals are, there is a tool available for you to make the learning process easier and more effective for your students.

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