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iPhone – What’s New?

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




The great thing about the iPhone does not only do you get to use it to make and receive calls but also text and browse the internet. The iPhone works like a regular cell phone, which means you can instantly make and get phone calls out of others. You can even use the iPhone to send text messages to anyone in the world, depending on your cellular service provider. The iPhone has revolutionized how we communicate.

The iPhone has features included in every version. There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for iPhone users to download. The iPhone app store is the largest in the mobile industry with over 400 million applications.

The iPhone’s most popular feature is the high-end touch screen, known as the 3G. This makes the application of the iPhone incredibly smooth and fluid. The touch screen feature comes as a result of the hardware being designed to take touch input rather than the stylus used for earlier smartphones. The result is a user-friendly interface for iPhone users that are very fluid and easy to use.


As of now, there is no concrete word on whether the iPhone will succeed or fail. Right now the expectations are very high on the iPhone, as it is considered a ground-breaking phone. The biggest reason for the high anticipation for the iPhone is the excellent user experience it delivers. The high quality of the hardware is one of the major factors contributing to the high consumer appeal of the iPhone. The innovative functionality of the multi-functional device is another reason why it is considered to be the smartphone of the future. Apple has clearly defined its target market with the introduction of the iPhone 4 and 4S, which are targeted at different segments of the population.

One can clearly say that the iPhone has surpassed the iPhone 4S in terms of features and functionality. However, the latest device, the iPhone 5 is considered to be a more suitable option for those who want to carry along more than one cell phone with them. It is equipped with all the functionality of the previous model but has added a lot more tools for the ardent gadget freaks. The iPhone 5 comes loaded with features like a digital camera, iPod touch, internal speaker, larger memory, infrared camera, better battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity, bigger and better resolution camera, built-in flash, water-resistant to a certain extent, and a touch screen. All these features make the iPhone 5 a highly capable smartphone. Apart from the camera, the iPhone also comes with better graphics capabilities and better sound quality.

If we look at the applications provided by the iPhone, then we would come to know that the iPhone has really upped its quotient and is now considered to be a credible device in comparison to the older models. With thousands of apps available for the device, it is considered to be a portable entertainment center as well as a communication device. There are so many advantages of using an iPhone. However, the iPhone is not allowed for free download due to the stringent terms and conditions imposed by the App Store. To get rid of the restrictions, you can use your AT&T or Verizon sim card to download the applications.

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