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Do You Know the Best Games for Your Laptop?




Most of PC gaming is not done with specialized laptops and finding the Best Games for Your Laptop isn’t always easy. Many of us play on computers we picked up mainly for work. Some of us want to play something that is fascinating and still keep the speed and functionality of our laptops.

 There are so many factors you need to consider. You need something that is not an old classic, something that will not ruin your fun, and something that does not require too much processing power. So what are the best games for your laptop? These are my picks.

This is a collectable card war-game set in the Universe of Warcraft. Using deck of cards that have different magic spells, minions and weapons, you fight against other players. It is great for laptops because is magnificently simple. Its drag-and-drop card gameplay increases it perfection especially if you’re using Microsoft’s Surface tablets or a touchscreen laptop.

Rogue Legacy
Rogue Legacy has rogue-like elements. It sees you march into the bowels of a dungeon, aiming to kill five bosses. Run, hit things and jump is all you’d get from a 2D side-scroller. Nevertheless, you can get killed and your character disappears. The game is best for laptops because it have the 2D pixel art that ensure the game runs smoothly on even the weakest netbooks. You can also play the game entirely with the keyboard.

Guild of Dungeoneering
The game involves a dungeon crawler who builds the dungeon. The game allows you to use beautiful pencil-drawn cards to lay down dungeon sections like jigsaw pieces, which your hero character explores whenever he wishes. The goal of the game is to effectively use pieces of the dungeon to make a straightforward way to the exit, while at the same time providing ample battle and looting opportunities to assist your little hero up. The 2D sketch-style art makes its exceptionally undemanding and your integrated graphic chip does not have to struggle.

Card Hunterry
This is a turn-based strategies affair that looks like a game of dragons and dungeons, but is really a collectable card game. It is respect to tabletop nerd culture, having dice and pizza and imaginary characters. However, that is just for powerful, XCOM-like game with increasing danger. It is simple and non-demanding game that is entirely mouse-based.

Sunless Sea
This is a seafaring rogue-like where, as a captain of a ship, you sail it through the turbulent waters of a gothic Victoria London. Instead of having a pre-set campaign, the game allows you to select ambition of your captain, and win upon achieving that ambition. While on your route to that ambition, you can fight at sea, engage in story mission with the islands’ residents and trade goods. Keeping danger away is paramount: death abound, though your successor may take some elements of your original character depending on how close you are related. The game is appropriate for laptop because the 2D, top-down art facilitate running on a laptop unhindered. A lot of mouse work is necessary but you can get by using the trackpad.

If you know of good laptop game or your prefared best games for laptops, please contribute to this article through comment.

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