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The Latest Technology : BMW’S CAR OF THE FUTURE




As BMW celebrates its hundredth anniversary, it has launched the Vision Vehicle. As suggested by the name, the Vision Vehicle is futuristic in its appearance and demonstrates technology advancement. The main feature of this concept car that completely differentiates it from the earlier models is that it embraces practicality in its design. It is created to be realistic in the sense that the balance between innovation and pragmatism is at the center of the concept as evidenced by its subtle wonders.

An example is the brilliant use of materials of the future, as BMW calls it. It gives the vehicle a modern feel in the interior and an exterior that is not less than eye catching. The Vision Vehicle is built to appear like a shape shift machine when in motion, with the outstanding wheels moving seamlessly and in sync with the main body.

BMW i8

BMW i8

The interior is also equally spectacular, starting with the retracting steering wheel. The traditional BMW steering wheel is redesigned to a thin rectangular shape with retractable handles. It engages the retraction mode when the vehicle is self-driving, as signaled by the handles slowly retreating to the dashboard.

Engaging the human driver mode or the self-driving assist mode is demonstrated by the manufacturer’s video with the ‘Ease’. The Vision Vehicle also has the Alive Geometry feature that is a useful tool to the driver in that it gives alerts whenever there are potential road hazards, both moving and static in nature. In case of such a situation, it augments a reality display then layers it on the windshield.

Though not on sale yet, the Vision Vehicle is accorded an interactive display site to be rolled out as a tour which debuts in May in China, then to London in June and in October the display site will be in the US.

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