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Latest Technology: This Amazing Wearable Technology is the upcoming frontier in Tech.




Wearable tech is the new and upcoming frontier in the tech arena. Well, it’s not a new area exactly, but there have been a few challenges which present a fertile area on which developers and techies, in general, can work on. But before talking about the challenges, it would be prudent to discuss opportunities thus far in wearables.

Wearable technology involves gadgets that are worn by the consumer and collect data in relation to health and can even send data to other devices such as smartphones and tablets. Wearable technology has been used to collect data on various aspects, for example, heart rate – for medical purposes, Google glass has been used in the manufacturing industry by general motors to help in training. It has also found its way in military operations. Sports is another industry where wearables will revolutionize data collection. Ralph Lauren have developed a shirt that has bio-sensing fibers woven into it. It can track the wearer’s heartbeat, the intensity of movement, calories lost, stress rate and distance covered.

Challenges with wearable tech are a bit obvious. A study conducted by PWC showed that about 33 percent of persons interviewed about wearable technology they had bought said that they do not wear them anymore. The issues highlighted include inconsistent data, price, privacy and security. The highest number of respondents expressed that wearables would invade their privacy (82 percent) together with increased security breaches (86 percent). However, most millennials were more accepting of wearables citing ease of use, improved safety and healthier living as some of the things that make wearables attractive to them.

Obviously, stakeholders need to come out and try to solve these issues so that consumers can embrace the technology in higher droves as wearables are expected to be an important aspect of the growth of the internet of things.

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