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Modern Jewelry Making

Hillary Cyril




Jewelry or jewelry includes ornamental items worn mainly for personal adornment, including bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, cufflinks, and earrings. Jewelry can also be attached to clothes or the whole body. In a western view, the word is restricted strictly to precious ornaments, including flowers. However, in the eastern cultures, pearls, gemstones, metal ornamentation, etc., are commonly used in the art and crafts of jewelry. The word “jewelry” is derived from the Italian word “jura”, which means beautiful.

A set of jewelry includes various articles that can be worn to form a look. Most common in women’s jewelry collections are necklaces and earrings; however, men’s jewelry is also available. Earrings and bracelets made of precious metals and gems are quite popular. They are usually studded with semi-precious and precious stones to make them look pretty and expensive. There are various types of jewelry findings, such as hook and loop fasteners, earring hooks, crimps, etc., which help in designing beautiful sets of jewelry.

Gold, silver, and cubic zirconia (CZ) are the three most widely used metals in modern jewelry. Gold jewelry is often chosen for formal or evening wear. But some modern jewelry is designed for everyday wear as well. Many people prefer gold because it is easy to handle, has a luster of its own, and is inexpensive. It has become popular among young people as a fashion statement. One reason for its popularity is that it is so easy to clean – all you need is a mild soap and a soft cloth to wash off the dirt.


Diamonds are another favorite metal in modern jewelry-making. Diamonds add sparkle and shine to any piece of jewelry. The price of diamonds has declined dramatically over the past few years, making diamond adornments very affordable. Because diamonds are a natural stone, they are porous and may contain small amounts of minerals, which may affect their quality. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase diamonds carefully and make sure you choose certified diamonds. When adorning your body, make sure the jewelry has been given a certification by a reputable gemologist.

Chain and rope findings are used to attach two pieces of jewelry, such as rings, to keep the design secure. Most chain and rope findings consist of a threaded steel rod with a wooden end. To make the design look more attractive, you can incorporate beads and other ornamentation into the chain or rope. However, chain and rope findings are not responsible for the durability of the jewelry – they are only there to ensure that the jewelry stays put.

crimp beads, on the other hand, are eye-catching and unique, but they are typically less expensive than chain or rope findings. Crimp beads are usually round in shape, but they can be found in other shapes as well, such as square, oval, circular, or triangular. A crimp bead must be securely attached to a ring, which is usually the case on a silver chain. The advantage of crimp beads is that their shapes don’t tend to clash with the jewelry – they simply stand out and add to its visual appeal. However, they do tend to come loose, so always keep them together.

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