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New Audio Technology in the SUV automobile.




SUV drivers should brace themselves for the new Ford Explorer Platinum will be introducing into their line of production an exclusive Sony audio system with two industry-first technologies; these are :

  • The clear phase technology which is meant to produce crystal clear music sounds as the artist intended and,
  • Live Acoustics technology which is meant to produce a true concert hall experience...


This technology was hitherto only obtainable in Sony’s high-end home audio systems. Ford has now incorporated the algorithm of Live Acoustics in its Explorer Platinum’s audio system to revolutionize the driver’s listening experience.

In 2016, Ford will be bringing the new Ford Explorer to Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station to demonstrate industry-exclusive audio technology coming to the iconic SUV

The algorithm in Explorer Platinum’s audio system was tuned to authentically reproduce the sound enrichment and signature ambience of concert halls in Amsterdam, Berlin and Vienna

This innovative incorporation marks the first time high-end Sony home audio technology has been used in a vehicle.

Besides the new and exclusive authentic concert hall sound by Sony sound system inside the new Ford Explorer, this SUV comes along with plenty of other new interesting features worth noting.

  • It has a new liftgate, a new taillamps, a new fascia and a new exhaust tips.
  • In the exterior it has a redesigned hood, headlamps, grille, fender and fog lamps.
  • Five all-new wheel designs and three new colours.
  • And as for the Platinum model, its perforated quilted seats will be covered by Nirvana Leather.

At the nucleus of the system are a dozen perfectly placed, high-power speakers that bring about crystal clear music like you would hear during a live concert. On board this SUV is the new 500-Watt, high-power amplifier with high-performance Digital Signal Processing  which complements the system with an adequate power source that propels speaker output without straining.

Every speaker in this automobile is enhanced for sensitivity, not leaving out the centre and surround speakers, a subwoofer with an 8-inch driver and 12-liter chamber for tight and full bass, door woofers, and chrome tweeters with acoustically vitreous speaker grills that safeguard sound integrity.

Ford manufacturers have also built a host of corroborative features into the system in order to boost sound quality and entertainment in their client’s vehicles.

When listening to the music on a high quality auditory system, every instrument occupies a specific space in front of you, as if you were present at a live concert. The music feels more real, solid, and three dimensional. This is the kind of listening experience clear phase technology is felt in the yet to be released Ford automobile.

With Clear Phase technology, Sony optimizes the soundstage in your car to make the music feel as though it’s coming from a stage right in front of you. Every instrument is positioned in its proper place, and vocals are clarified instead of lost behind distorted sound.

Since Clear Phase technology cancels out sound dispersion, sound music produced is properly focused in specific areas of the sound stage. In addition, by flattening amplitude and revising and improving phase characteristics to attain linearity, music will open up for  clear listening, and reveal nuances in the driver’s favourite songs that had never noticed before.

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