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New Tech: LG’s Wireless Charger will be Available Soon.




The LG company has announced that it is releasing the best chargers ever. Not just any chargers, wireless ones. This new tech by LG is designed to be just as good and as powerful as the normal wired chargers.

If you think that it is a dream yet to be fulfilled, you could not be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, LG’s Innotech division has let the public know that the wireless chargers will be hitting the stores as soon as next year. The division is predicting that the pieces will be in mass production sooner than expected. The first batch of the chargers will be done with production as from November 2016, in preparation for distribution as from the first month of 2017.

The catchiest quality of this model of charger is that the charging system is made up of up to 15 Watt module of transmission. How it basically works is that the power is transferred to a receiver inside a smartphone. The phone therefore, must have a receiver for this wonder tech to work. Say a phone is completely depleted of its charge, LG’s new wonder charger has the capacity to charge it to up to half of its battery life in a record thirty minutes. This is exciting because currently the available tech can deliver only five watts compared to LG’s six times. Scientifically, it places the LG model at least three times faster and as a result most efficient charger available.

Wireless charging tech has put LG at par with the likes of Apple and other leading smartphone making companies. As of now, the launch of a wireless charger is still a work in progress for the tech giant like Apple with their first pieces expected to hit the shelves this September. Samsung on the other hand has a lead on this as they were the first to go into mass production.

Surprisingly, the wireless charger has been there before, just never in the phone industry. Remember Powermatt? This company came up with the first wireless charger for the motor industry. This was back in the year 2009 when they tested their first prototype. It did so well that it was sold to Duracell for millions of dollars, the brand that the tech now goes by. More recently, General Motors adopted this tech. Its twenty fifteen Cadillacs are built with the wireless charger, a first of its kind. Most of the 2015 model cars have integrated the wireless charger into its central system, making them anything but revolutionary.

If you are a smartphone owner, LG smartphone to be specific, it is time to get rid of the microUSB charger and move on to the next big thing. Other than the obvious reason of its convenience, it is also very sleek. The charging device is only 2.7 inches thick, making it a few inches thicker than the LG phones. Furthermore, it comes with a travel pack that is able to deliver 1.8 amperes for charging.

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