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New Technology Gadgets Make Life Easier For the Elderly

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Old People

In this quick and easy slideshow, we highlighted the 10 hottest new technology gadgets that you might want to consider adding to your own gadgets list. Make sure to look out for other upcoming slideshow presentations which feature hot gadgets for the school crowd, those looking to spice up their professional office, or even mobile phone experts on the move. You’ll be sure to find new and exciting things to add to your gadget list as technology gets more interesting day by day. This year looks like it’s going to be a really bright year for technology!

First up on our list is the aging baby boomer, who may be looking for a way to keep their minds sharp with one of these innovative devices. Alzheimer’s is starting to become a major issue for senior citizens across the country, and as a result, many medical researchers are trying to come up with ways to keep their minds sharp and functioning, whether that’s through games or other activities. One of the latest innovations in this area is the Neurotherapy wearable device, which is aimed at helping the aging baby boomer keep their minds working, and not forgetting that they have to keep their hands busy!

For the more tech-savvy among us, another one of the hot new technology gadgets is the iPad, which is already the top-selling tablet computer on the planet. With great functionality and cutting-edge design, it’s no surprise that the iPad has become such a huge success. Another super popular gadget for the technology geeks in your life is the iPhone, which is probably the most advanced smartphone on the market today. If you’re looking for a great way to make life easier for yourself or your loved ones, consider trying out one of these high-tech toys. They will make your life better in so many ways.


In order to try one out, all you need to do is get an iPhone, an iPad, or any of the new technology gadgets mentioned above, and an external storage device such as a flash drive or some other media player. Plug in the device and get started. First off, you’ll need to load up your favorite music player, which you can easily do by connecting the external storage to your iPod or iPhone, or even a high-quality laptop computer. After that, load up your favorite media app, such as the popular iTunes, and let the games and apps make your life easier!

The idea behind the Echo Dot is actually very clever, and if you’re someone who enjoys doing lots of research, it’s a brilliant idea. Instead of recording the data (which would be extremely time-consuming) about a certain location, the Echo Dot does all of the work for you. It records data from the environment around you, including anything around you, such as people, cars, landscape, and even animals, and then lets you view it later. This makes it extremely useful for elderly people, who may live alone, or for anyone who needs constant reminders about things they’ve forgotten (a pet, perhaps?). It also makes life easier for travelers, enabling them to simply carry around a small GPS unit, rather than a large laptop computer.

Echo Dot is a great example of how new technology can help you enjoy things you used to take for granted, giving you something more in-depth. As more elderly people live independently and without a lot of help around them, taking care of them becomes increasingly difficult. Luckily, technology is constantly improving, and these new devices, such as the Echo Dot, are a great step forward in making this happen.

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