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10 Most Popular Tech News Services Available Now on iPhones and iPads

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




If you are looking for a tech-related daily update, look no further than the IOS apps in Apple’s app store. The company has joined the bandwagon by releasing five free daily apps that are available now on the app store. In addition to providing a link to the company’s own website, all five of the daily updates provide information about the newest products, new services, and popular trends. There are more than 60 individual apps, many of which offer a variety of informative categories, from technology and gaming to finance and real estate.

A new entry into the list of ios apps is called Tech News Daily. The free app delivers reports and videos on a variety of popular topics related to technology today. Categories include health, technology, gadgets, and home, and the app gives users the ability to subscribe to a newsletter. To add the daily Tech News update to your Apple mobile app, simply download the free version of the app and select the subscription option from the menu.

The second app on the list of daily additions to the ios app store is called iBuildApp. This one allows users to easily create and edit build apps for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Although currently only available for a trial, the paid version will give users access to the paid features. The free version allows users to quickly create and share basic text and image widgets. The third and fourth apps on the list, meanwhile, are also part of the large array of ios apps currently available for download. The free version lets users import images and text from any source, while the paid version allows for the importation of only text and images.


The fifth and final ios app on the list, called iovation, offers a unique twist on an often-used tech-related category. Users can now use their Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or Outlook email address to sign up for this free iovation tech newsreader. Once signed up, the user is able to start enjoying all the benefits that the iovation tech newsreader offers. The user can enjoy updates on the likes of Apple and Google, as well as international telecom firms, by accessing the iovation news feed.

The sixth and seventh apps on the list, respectively for iPhone and iPad, allow users to view the latest posts on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. By viewing a recent post on one of the social networking sites, the user is able to receive notifications on his/her iPhone or iPad, which allows them to check if the information in the post is worth reading or not. If the user likes the article, they can also comment on it with a message included in the email attachment. The seventh and eighth tech-related apps, meanwhile, allow users to view a photo on their Facebook page, tweet about the picture, and add the image to their MySpace or Instagram profile.

The ninth app on the list, for a smartphone application developer, allows users to share pictures from their Instagram accounts with other smartphone users. In addition, this app allows users to view the latest posts on their Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts. Furthermore, the app lets users sign up for upcoming iovation newsletters. This newsletter, for example, will inform them when new products and services are added or when there are changes in their company’s logo. The final app, meanwhile, sends out a text alert whenever a user views a particular blog post on their iovation tech newsreader.

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