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Amazing Video Shows how these Strangers Expressed their love through a Public Pay Phone.




It was touching to see people reach out to those they love… to smile in the middle of the day and exchange words of affection and support. After watching the video above on people’s expression of love through a public pay phone, I was so touched.

It’s not very common for people to use pay phones anymore. Most people own their own mobile phone, so the public pay phone is an antiquated technology that is slowly disappearing… but still there. New York City alone has over 10,000 working pay phones and there are still thousands of the Public Pay Phones working in London. People typically leave them alone. That is, until now. A group of people were seen using some of the old pay phones around the city. What they were doing with them is astonishing. An online writer named Matt Adams did this campaign – and it’ll touch you.

Matt and his friend Katie made this sign and attached it to a random New York City pay phone.

They also attached quarters, hoping that people would stop to call someone they loved…

The response the sign received was amazing.

Many people stopped, with smiles on their faces, to call someone they love.

This little girl was excited, she never used a pay phone before.

It has probably been years since most of these people have even touched one of these phones.

And, like this man who called his girlfriend, everyone who stopped was overcome with love.

Some were more somber…

Others couldn’t keep the smiles off of their faces.

“We placed a hidden microphone above the receiver and had hidden cameras surrounding the park.”

It was a wonderful shared experience.

“This group of people got their friend’s voicemail and instead of just hanging up, everyone in the group took a turn to tell her that they loved her.”

By the the end of the day, all the quarters were gone.

As it turns out, New Yorkers aren’t as tough and jaded as a lot of people think…

(H/T Matt Adams)  This is an amazing reminder of what’s important in life. Stop throughout your day to remember those that you love. Money, jobs, power and position don’t matter. The people you have in your life do matter. Share this incredible campaign with others … and call someone you love.

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