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Is Receipt Bank good for your business?




Expense tracking is a tedious yet important part of businesses. It involves the process of receiving an invoice, putting it to your bookkeeper, ensuring it is entered into correct accounts, filling the invoice and then keeping it for several years. It is possible for business people to get lost on what they spend and how they manage their money. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! ! Receipt Bank is transforming the way things are done.

If you are looking for expense tracking app then Receipt Bank should catch your attention. They  have one of the best expense tracking app. Receipt Bank may be the solutions to expense tracking problems you are experiencing in your business.

You probably receive invoices, receipts, and invoices in a variety of formats: as hard copies and email attachments. With Receipt Bank, the format doesn’t matter. If you send them documents, they will take the important data and then publish it directly into accounting software. Receipt keep the original digital documents you submit and store them for seven years which means you have one, fully-catalogued audit trail. Therefore, they don’t just handle documents, they file them too.

With the Receipt Bank mobile app, you can take a photo of the receipt with your phone anywhere, anytime. You can either send it directly to Receipt Bank if you are online or keep it and the application will automatically send it when you get an internet connection. This app is free and allows business people to manage their expenses even when they are not in their offices. It works with iOS and Android devices and so many mobile users are able to use it.

Using Receipt Bank is easy. All you need to do is to send your receipts through the email, mobile app, and the Receipt will extract the key information such as merchant’s name, transaction date, and amount. The uploaded information can be accessible to use for any use you may have.

Receipt bank provides many pricing levels for their customers to choose from as they have a product line for both businesses and individual users, with each one coming in five different levels of prices to match your budget and needs. It has some of the most affordable prices that you can find in the market.

Receipt Bank enables you to avoid manual data entry that is always time-consuming and error-prone. Automation means the transfer of documents is quick, easy and accurate. The hours saved every week means your bookkeeper will spend more time solving problems and providing processes and systems to enhance the way your finances run.

However, it is important to know that Receipt Bank has two main advantages. First, they provide limited options for customer support bearing in mind the nature of service they offer. You can only reach their customer support either by Skype or email. They don’t provide live chat options. Second, they don’t give free trials. Companies give free trials to help customers get a feel of their services or product and persuade them to pay for a subscription.

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