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School Closing Causes – Why Remote Learning Has Become A Viable Alternative?

Hillary Cyril




Education Technology is a rapidly expanding industry focused on new and innovative ways of educating people in various subjects and topics. Education Technology includes computers, communication devices, educational games, media systems, digital classrooms, educational television and DVD players, educational software, educational toys, educational services, and other related technology used in the education sector. Education technology is a growing industry and growing demand is evident among parents, educators, researchers, students, and professionals. Education technology encompasses various programs like Game Education Software, Mobile Gaming Systems, Internet Educational Testing and Content Development, and Educational Testing Services. These aspects are interrelated and form an integrated whole.

Education technology helps to make learning enjoyable for both students and teachers. The most popular educational technologies include video games, interactive television, laptops, education DVDs, educational media, phonics, and other reading-oriented software and computer software that makes the teaching process easier. When referred to by its shortened abbreviation, EdTech, it usually refers to the entire industry of businesses that manufacture educational technologies for public schools and colleges.

Education technology assists educators and instructors in providing better services to students. It is designed to promote student learning and enhance classroom conditions that help teachers train every student effectively. There are several benefits of using educational technology in the classroom: it helps teachers and educators improve their services because they do not have to spend as much time teaching and training every student individually. This results in more students attending school regularly and at the same time, the teachers get more work done.


Using edtech in the classroom is effective in several ways; it improves the learning environment of students and makes them more involved with the subject matter. Effective summative assessments are also carried out by teachers and this means students are more likely to grasp concepts, which are discussed in class. In addition, with the help of online resources, teachers can give students additional resources to review and reinforce the subject matter, making them more ready to learn. The overall efficiency of the learning process is increased because of educational technology.

Education technology provides teachers and educators with several advantages. The most obvious advantage is that it helps teachers prepare lessons faster by ensuring that the topics are covered properly. When teachers use this method, they can save a lot of time that would have been spent preparing lessons and they are able to deal with a wide variety of learning situations. Another advantage is that it increases the ability of teachers to provide interactive learning experiences to their students, as they can easily incorporate digital content into their lessons. They also benefit from the fact that they can use learning tools such as e-books, videos and audio files in their teaching efforts. The use of digital content provides a variety of opportunities for teachers to teach their students about new subjects or develop new ones; it helps them practice their skills as they can also be used as summative assessments.

While there are several advantages to incorporating technology in the classroom, there are also some disadvantages associated with it. One major disadvantage is that it increases the workload on teachers and in turn affects their performance. A research conducted by the National Association of School Psychologists indicated that many school districts are suffering from significant teacher fatigue due to the increased pace and difficulty faced by them in adapting to the remote learning environment. Other disadvantages include the increasing costs of implementing remote learning solutions, concerns over the quality of educational technology used and concerns over the competency of students who are taught using the new tools.

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