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Snap Fashion: Changing How People Shop Online




Snap Fashion is revolutionizing the way the world shops for clothes in stores and online and could change how we look for things we need.

The ability to look for something on the internet without entering texts has occupied the brightest minds in computer science for many years.   It is not fulfilling to look for some items on the internet using texts only. For instance, fashion is a personality thing and it’s really difficult to describe what you really want. Searching using pictures is the best way to look for something you can’t describe.

Snap Fashion developed a visual search engine that enables users to search and buy fashion items from over 16,000 brands using snaps they have taken on their smartphones or found online.  With the Snap technology, online shopping is fast, satisfying, and the best way to discovering new brands.

Jenny Griffiths, CEO of Snap Fashion, had the idea for Snap Fashion in 2008. At that time, she was studying for a master degree in computer science. It wasn’t until 2011 when she obtained the support of an Innovative funding that she was able to focus full time on marketing and developing her innovation.

Snap Fashion, a unique app that helps customers find the very best alternative to their shopping list, can be used to shop on most popular shopping galleries. If you see your favourite celeb rocking the perfect coat, or, a street stylist that have the most enviable pair of shoes, just take a snap of the preferred piece on your phone, and Snap Fashion will provide you with the very best high street matches.   If you already own something, take a photo of it and look for the perfect items to match with.

Recently, the business has started to develop Snap Fashion InStore. When asked how Snap Fashion InStore will operate, Jenny Griffith said: “Once you try on any item, the app will ask you whether you like it. If you don’t like it, the app will try to help you. It will ask you some questions and, depending on the answers you give, it will show you visually similar things that you might like.”

The London startup has partnered with some big-name retailers– including Liberty, Urban Outfitters, Harrods, and Selfridges– to deliver the best results. The company has also secured funding from government’s Tech City technology strategy board and private investors.

Snap Fashion believes that women and men create their own styles, shop their wardrobes, and choose their own looks, based on the things they like and see. It seemed obvious to the company that if consumers are shopping in the real world using eyes, we should be shopping online using pictures.

The Snap Fashion team is a blend of super smart fashion followers and stylish techy geniuses. The team members include Jenny Griffiths, Richard Toner, Steve Kerrison, Jaume Giralt, Ben Robinson, Tom Clark, Bryony Hatherley, Rosalind Shimmen, Sonja Strieder, Bill Sermon, Chris Thompson, and Tom Fleming.

The Snap Fashion app is available from Google Play and Apple iTunes stores as a free download. Desktop version is also available at

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