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Some Recent Useful Automobile Technologies You Should Consider




There are several features that are currently quickly finding their way into automotive technology. For those who are technophile, we wish to help you in getting the latest features and equipment in automobile technologies.

Advanced backup cameras
These give you a look at angles that are impossible to see. With them you can maneuver even in tight spaces. With the latest of these back-up cameras, it appears as if a small helicopter with a camera was suspended over your vehicle enabling you to have an excellent view from all angles. This is useful for motorists who may need to park in tight spaces or maneuver in close quarters such as a narrow parking garage. However, those who spend their time driving on wide roads outside the city may not find these cameras useful.

Automatic steering
Some automatic steering systems can steer your car back into the lane in case you veer off. Others can even steer your car for some seconds. The importance of lane keep cannot be overemphasized here. The system is able to keep you on the lane even when you are distracted or doze off. Partially autonomous steering is currently offered in several cars. It is capable of steering the car for you and after a few seconds, the system will then ask you to take the wheel again. These systems when accompanied by adaptive cruise control are very useful for motorists who spend a lot of time on the highway.

Smartphone vehicle management
Several automakers provide technology that enables you to request for roadside assistance, locate your vehicle using your mobile phone and even ask for reports relating to your vehicle’s current status. It is also possible to start your car using your smartphone. Current technology allows doing everything about your car with your phone except the actual driving of the car.

Automakers have conceived an idea of a system that will allow motorists to bring their vehicles to the parking spot, jump out and using your cell phone, direct it to park. These apps may be free or go for a small fee. You can access them on the iPhone app Store or for android phones, on the google play.

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