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Space, Google’s Latest App has come to Simplify Group Sharing




Google has introduced Space, a new app that simplifies group sharing. Yesterday the company announced that the app for iOS, Android, and web is designed to facilitate sharing of stuff from the groups in the web.

According to Luke Wroblewski, the director for Spaces, sharing in the groups is not easy. From home to playing grounds to clubs to work and more, getting all your friends in one app is a challenge. Sharing things involve jumping between apps to copy and paste web links. Group conversations do not stay on the topic and consequently, things get lost in unending threads.

To avoid hopping around and losing anything, Space has built-in YouTube, Chrome, and Google search. Therefore, you will not be required to exit the app to look what other people in the chat are referencing.

Unlike most chat apps such as Hike, Whatsup, Messager etc., Spaces aims to enhance group sharing on any topic. So, the app can be labeled as a general group. Since the app allow the users to view videos without making you jump from one app to another, it might attract a lot of users. Who would not like to have almost all things in one place?

Put simply, if you share a video URL from You Tube, the app will open the video without opening You Tube. In similar way, you will be able to open any webpages and articles without having to exit your conversation.

Space looks like neither a social network nor a messaging app. It appears as if it is striking a balance between messaging app and social networks. Maybe, Spaces is an attempt by the Google to gain traction in social sites, a place that is dominated by Facebook that claims that it has billions of users across Intagram, Messenger and Whatsup.

If you want to know the Interface of Space, it partly looks like your messaging app, with some Google+ influence. According to Google, the app allows anyone to join in the conversation after invitation.

“ With just one tap, you can create space for any topic and invite  any person you want through email, messaging, Facebook, twitter, and any social  you like, “ Wroblewski said.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The search feature of Space enables you to get previous images, comments, and videos that had been set. Google plan to set up spaces for all developers’ sessions at I/O. That is intended to be a test on how well Space idea can work in practice.

When someone shares a new thing to a space, the conversational view will let you see what people are talking about without missing anything. And if you need to find something that had been shared when you were away—a quick search allow you get it in a snap

Space rolled out yesterday on iOs, mobile web, and Android for all Gmail accounts.  Will you be among the first people to try Space? The app has been kept in private place for a several months.

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