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ROC Auto Technology is a NATEF approved advanced course for students looking for specialized training geared to meet national certification standards established by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This two-year program will prepare you for entry-level automotive-related positions. The coursework will encompass classroom learning and on-the-job hands-on practice. This program is written by a group of automotive industry experts and engineers who have over 25 years of experience in the auto service, diagnostic, and repair industry. It was designed by a team of professionals with over 40 years of automotive service experience.

The main goal of this advanced technology program is to prepare you to enter the auto service industry as a certified automotive technician. The classes are broken down into four main areas of study which include performance evaluation, diagnostic techniques and systems, repairs, and maintenance and repair technology. This curriculum will prepare you to be certified to perform both diagnosis and preventative maintenance procedures. The courses are designed to teach you how to perform all aspects of maintenance including preventive and diagnostic maintenance, repair and safety maintenance procedures, repairs and diagnostics, and much more.

The second part of the program is classroom learning. You will learn how to diagnose, assess, repair, and maintain vehicles that are certified in the new technologies. In addition, you will learn techniques for improving vehicle performance. The third area of study is focused on repairing and diagnosing faulty engines. Students will learn the techniques for repairing, diagnosing, and preventing faulty engines. The fourth area of study addresses engine repair and replacement procedures specific to various makes, models, and models of vehicles.


A portion of the Auto Technology coursework will also include a study of the manufacturing process and materials. You will learn the process of turning raw materials (such as crank components) into finished products (for example, cylinder heads). You will also study mechanical issues that can impact an engine’s performance. The final portion of the program addresses the design and installation of electronic equipment. This portion of the Auto Technology class addresses computer-based systems and the installation of electronics such as electronic fuel injection systems and variable valve timing systems for high fuel efficiency.

The Auto Technology coursework allows you to earn your associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree in the field of engine repair technology. An auto technician is qualified to work in customer service departments of car dealerships and car manufacturers, as well as repair shops and service centers. Many technicians are employed in the research and development laboratories of automobile companies. Some become instructors at technical and trade schools and teaching colleges. A few go on to become business owners and run their own repair shops.

The Auto Technology program allows for students to choose either to be an entry-level technician or an advanced technician. The entry-level technician works with a group of workers to diagnose and repair common engine and transmission problems. The advanced technician is permitted to make more informed repairs on engines and transmission that require more detailed attention. Many choose to become certified and earn their associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in the subject. In addition, many choose to continue on to earn additional credits through the normal course of earning credit per the normal program by taking additional courses in this subject matter.

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