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There are various new technologies being used in schools today. There are many advantages accruing from it. For instance, with technology, distance learning becomes easier; it allows for faster feedback as there is improved and better communication between people.

Podcasting and websites enable the students to learn and be part of discussions even when they are absent from class. Class blogs and wikis provide a wide platform for interactions and discussions outside the classroom setting.

Interactive whiteboards provides better visual aids for students and makes presentation easier for teachers. Mobile devices make delivery of information to students faster. Online teaching and distance learning allow people to access information from any part of the world. Education through technology is really developing and spreading fast.

There has been widespread use of computers in schools. The students use the computers to do their assignments, research and communicate and connect with their colleagues. The teachers use them to keep records of their students, check on their progress as wells as grade them to ensure they are transparent.

The invention of the internet brought a lot of changes and revolution in the industry. The internet has been use as a platform to spread information via tweets and blogs. It drives evolution forward. Projects like Wikiversity, Wikipedia and Wikibooks use the internet to avail educational information. E-books are now available at a cheaper price than the ordinary books. There is a vision to provide education that is free and universal through the use of internet and computer.

There have been many changes in this industry. New inventions are always coming up and the more advanced it is, the better it gets in terms of portability and what it can do. New inventions will change how we are taught and how we learn. In the future we might not need to go to school, we can learn just by downloading information and uploading it to our brains. This sounds like science fiction but with the dynamic technology it is achievable.

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