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Technology Trends TO Build And Shape A Bright Future





Padmasree Warrior, CTO of CISCO system and who is also considered as 71st most powerful woman according to Forbes. While addressing a group of investors and entrepreneurs she stated that in late 90s when the R&D centres flourish for first time then there will be second growth that we have seen in IT services. Now the Indian financial system is productive for modernization of products.

Padmasree Warrior also explains that how the innovation in technologies brings lots of optimistic changes in business world. She also said that how the industrialists’ effectively use infrastructure, resources and manpower to get best results. This also the planning also includes the manufacturing procedure, transportation for delivery as well as for raw material and this time is best for the survey of worldwide market.

Trends that can bring developed future are:-

Technology TrendInnovation in Mobile Technology: – Mobile technology is an evergreen trend and to make mobile solutions a livable podium Padmasree advise industrialist to put more efforts and modernism.

Transportation world: – According to Padmasree Warrior transportation world will see disturbance. The numbers of vehicles are increasing on roads which will become a big problem as it is time for big business to think about transportation facility. As China is seem to be strong due to their electric vehicles and India must make decision for future otherwise we may lose.

Padmasree Warrior said that moving from gas-fuelled vehicles to electric vehicles is not enough but there is need to use software that will inform us about the insurance as well as predict us about traffic so that we can maintain our speed.

Modification In Security Systems

Maintaining Security is very essential and day by day due to increasing crimes it becomes difficult for companies to maintain it. As with different technologies some devices only supports cloud software for this we need to adapt premise-based solution to cloud-based solution and that time security of data become major concern and on this she said we have to think different ways or medium by which we can send data securely.

Systematically Data Diagnostic

In India many companies save data and then execute their work on the saved information and according to her systematically data diagnostic will bring great opportunities for companies that will develop companies and they can achieve desired goal.

 Adaption in 3D Printing and Robotics

Robotics and 3D printing is considered as the strongest field that will play major role in the development and growth for future. But in these robotics and 3D printing field we have seen lots of trouble. So some changes in these areas will bring success in future.

Cloud Computing Technology

In very short time Cloud Computing Technology has bring growth in our business world and modernization and adaption of new ideas in this cloud computing technology will give drastic success in companies that’s why lots of companies are moving from premise-based solutions to cloud computing solutions.

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