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The Growing Popularity Of Robot Technology

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




Robotic technology is a branch of technology that concentrates on providing machines with the ability to operate without any human input in their operation. The original meaning of Robotic was from the Greek word “robot” which meant a handcrafted machine or person. Today we use the term Robotic to refer to a variety of automated androids that perform menial tasks in our society. Some robotic innovations have been so great that they have almost eliminated the need for manual labor in businesses, thus increasing the standard of living for many people.

There are different forms and types of Robot Technology. One type is the Robotic system that assists in mining operations by gathering ore from the earth. Other types of Robot Technology include the autopilot vehicle that drives itself; self-propelled vehicles such as the Iron Age tanks; Robotic welding machines; therapy robots; and even artificial intelligence software programs that can do the jobs we used to do ourselves with only minimal supervision. All of these forms of robot technology have increased productivity levels, decreased the number of errors in calculations due to human error, and increased the efficiency with which businesses operate. Some experts believe that the number of robots per household has reached several hundred at this point. This has resulted in more efficiency in our lives.

The field of Robot Technology covers a wide spectrum. Robotic equipment assists in all sorts of manufacturing processes. In the agricultural sector, we find industrial robots that are able to harvest, extract, and process fruits and vegetables. In the hospitality industry, we find Robo-visors that help the food preparation staff in preparing and serving their guests. There are also healthcare industries that utilize industrial robotics in the treatment of patients, making treatments more effective, reducing the risk of injury, and enhancing the level of care given. All of these industries are now employing Robo-visors to perform their duties.


The field of Robot Technology is further comprised of the fields of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) that allows robots to design products out of scratch, and Fabrication line automation systems that allow manufacturing companies to make products on a large scale. These industries use industrial robots to aid in the process of designing, building, and fabricating products. Robotic welding is another element of robot technology that is utilized in a number of different fields. Welding is required in the repair of industrial welds, in the construction of ships, in the refurbishing and restoration of items such as automobiles and jet planes, and in the repair of electronic items such as computers and cell phones.

Robotic engineers are responsible for programming the various components of the various robots. The programmers make sure that the system operates according to specifications. The robots are usually programmed in a series of tasks in which each task is programmed into a computer-controlled unit. The programmers can also program the individual components of the robots so that they work together to complete specific tasks. In addition, some cobots can actually trade places with other robots. These intelligent trading bots are programmed to complete specific tasks in specific areas while negotiating the surrounding area.

Robotic technology is only going to continue to expand as the years pass. With the ever-demanding needs of the human population, more industries, as well as the government, are making use of automated machines to help them in their daily operations. Automation, when combined with robotics, will allow humans to have more leisure time, increase their production levels, and help cut costs. With more businesses creating automated production systems and sophisticated robotic programs, we will soon see an era of endless jobs.

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