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The Main Differences Between Different Information Technology Careers

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



As more industries become Internet-based, the IT salary field has become quite competitive. In order to stay competitive, companies are always looking for the best employees to help them run their business better. These professionals need to be well versed in the latest technology in order to be successful. A lot of different jobs can be found in the IT salary field. Here is a look at some of these options:

The highest IT salary belongs to network administrators. Network administrators usually earn an average salary of around $82,500. Network engineers fall into the mid-range of the information technology salary range with a range of $83,000 to over $100,000. While this is not the highest-paying job in the information technology world, it is definitely in the top five. There are many other jobs within this range that fall under the “others” section that can also be very lucrative.

Computer support specialists earn an information technology salary that can be nearly as high as the ones listed above. There are several information technology degree salaries that fall under this category, but the one that interests most people is technical writer/developer/programmer. These types of IT professionals are responsible for writing or editing code, programs, and documentation. They must also be able to speak and understand computers, networking, and software development. For some jobs, they may also be responsible for testing or developing new software. Computer support specialists often do consult work for large companies and governments.

Database administrators earn an information technology salary that is slightly below the other careers listed above. The database administrator is a professional whose duties involve the management and administration of a large number of servers. Some of the duties include controlling backup files, data retrieval, application installation, and application maintenance. A typical salary for database administrators is around forty thousand to fifty thousand annually.

Computer Forensics professionals earn an information technology salary that depends on location and level of education. This type of professional usually spend the majority of their time working directly with law enforcement agencies or the government in an area that deals with cybercrimes. This could mean working as a federal, state, or local government investigator, a private investigator, or a computer forensic specialist. Computers forensics professionals can also work in the areas of corporate security or as computer support technicians for smaller businesses.

There are a number of different information technology careers to choose from. While the information technology salary depends on location and degree of education, each job will offer its own benefits and responsibilities. There are many different information technology job boards that help individuals find the perfect position that meets their needs.

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