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The Project Planner: How to Win Projects and Career Management by Les Brown

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




Reflective and engaging, how-to guides are the perfect partner during your career development journey. The authors, contributors, and editors featured in the renowned series deliver reliable tips, sound advice, and their vast professional experience in teaching and mentoring the reader in both engaging and informative ways. The publication is edited by award-winning journalist, career mentor, and author, Les Brown.

In the first book of the series, “How to Get a Job in Finance”, Les Brown shares his qualifications, experience, and recommendations to help you get that new job. This lively book gives detailed explanations and practical examples of what makes a good professional. In the second book, ” Conquer the Crib”, Les Brown shares some of his methods for achieving financial success and shares some of his strategies for preventing job stress. With “The Project Planner: How to Win Projects and Management”, Les Brown offers practical advice on leadership and project management. With “The Best Book on Business”, Les Brown offers eleven case studies on leadership, from the CEO of a large corporation to small business owners to small contractors and consultants.

As a reference book, these books provide ready access to information on every topic relating to your chosen career. With “The Project Planner”, Les Brown explains why he chose this particular topic as one of the books in his series. He used it as a springboard to discuss the process of becoming a project manager. In this light, you will understand why he has called it “The Project Planner: How to Win Projects and Career Management“. Moreover, his explanation of how these books help you succeed in your career helps you make sense of the different aspects of being a successful leader or manager.


With “The Best Book on Business“, Les Brown uses the personal experiences of one of his clients as an excellent model to explain concepts such as delegation, leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution, and profit. You also learn how important it is to plan ahead and how to deal with problems as they arise. These guides provide insights on how to achieve goals and create a profitable future. You will find valuable lessons and strategies from these books on how to be a more effective leader or manager.

If you are a leader or manager, these books can give you valuable insight into what other successful people do to achieve success in their careers. You will find how to read their books to understand them better. Les Brown’s “The Project Planner: How to Win Projects and Career Management” is the perfect guide to help you build a profitable business. In addition, you can learn from other successful people’s mistakes and experiences. These are just some of the benefits of “The Project Planner: How to Win Projects and Career Management”.

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