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Infographics : The Ultimate Student App Guide




In 2016, digital means of communications dominate over traditional analogue methods. Where once talking on the landline house phone was a primary method of communication along with the postal system and fax machines, nowadays instant messaging, email and social media dominate. This in turn has affected both the corporate industry and the educational world and the resources they use the most.

When it comes to educational resources, apps can be extremely helpful for students, especially those attending college level courses. For students, college can be the best time of their lives. For many, it is the first time they have lived away from home and the first time they have had to make decisions without their parents. At the same time, it can also be a stressful time for some students coping with the pressures of exams, keeping up with their study sessions, in-class continuous assessments, tutorial attendance, lectures and more.

One of the most efficient methods of managing the volume of work that a student most do to get good grades is by using digital applications, or apps for short. Apps can be both mobile and desktop, they can assist students to maximize their study time, take paper-less notes, save hundreds of files and back-up all of their work. Certain apps can do very specific things such as calculate numbers, create flow-charts, make citations easier when referencing work amongst other things. Apps can even assist students with their revision when they need it the most, prior to a big test. There are a whole host of really good apps on the market, but for every good app, there is a poorly made app too. That is why the experts at Study Medicine Europe produced this infographic to highlight some of the best apps for students to use as educational resources.


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