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Top 10 Video Tutorial and screen cast Production Freelancers you can contact for your video works.




Making a video tutorial for more traffic and sales this time is common because people really want to watch more videos than read articles. Since everything is shown practically in any types of videos therefore these are more usable and impressive as compared to written information. That is why most people prefer making videos for different things such as educational projects, professional works or anything else. At the same time, it is also true that making videos is not a child’s play.

To help you produce good sales videos and tutorials, use video softwares like VideoMakerFX, Explaindio Video Creator,  Or VideoMotionPro.

But if you may need help from experts in the relevant field, here are some top 10 video tutorial and screen cast production freelancers that may be contacted for certain video works.

  1. Jonas F. – An expert in 2D animations and Video Sales Letter, Jonas is a U.S. based professional. He may be asked for help in making promo videos, multi-camera events, video editing, after effects in Adobe animations and film production as well as direction.
  2. Lorray Digital Media Group Based in Newton, the chief of this group i.e. Lorray may be contacted for assistance in photography, video production, 3D modelling, 3D Max Modelling, Adobe Photoshop designing and any types of after effects in adobe videos.
  3. Adrian- Florian Stratulat Skilled in photography, Adobe after effects, adobe Photoshop designing, digital electronics engineering and video editing, Adrian is a Romania based designing and multi-media expert.
  4. Vitalii Hrechko Based in Kharkov Ukraine, Hrechko is a professional motion graphics and broadcasting expert. He may also help you in video production, motion graphing, adobe illustrating and animations.
  5. Dylan Jones -Tuba– Dylan is a video editing and production expert based in L.A., U.S. You may contact him for any type of help in making documentaries, promotional ads, short films, video editing, and Photoshop designing and video productions.
  6. Tech Tube Video Studio Called as Cheptiony popularly, it is a Nairobi based tutorial that may render help in video editing, Adobe Photoshop Designing and any types of video or multimedia designing.
  7. Located in Jamaica, Kingston, this video tutorial and screen cast production group may be contacted for any types of assistance in video production, voicing processes in videos, animations, voice recording and giving special effects in your videos.
  8. Edward PaysonAn award winning film maker, Edward is rendering his help in all types of processes or tasks relevant to video works. As an instance, you may ask him for his valuable help in video production, video editing, video publishing, video uploading or content management in the videos. He is based in Burbank, U.S.
  9. Mike C. – A Hong Kong based multimedia designing expert, Mike is a pro in video animations, editing, video productions and after effects in Adobe Photoshop. He is always ready to offer his help in any types of processes relevant to video works.
  10. Alexandru Toma With his specialization in video production and designing, Alexandru, who is based in Iasi, Romania, is one among the best video editors and video producers. He is also an expert in Adobe Photoshop after effects.

These are some of the best tutorial and screen cast production freelancers operating in various parts of the globe. There are many more professionals in the concerned field that may be contacted for any types of help in video works. You just need to find the best ones in your area.

If you want to contact these freelancers either you have to message them or make a project and they will apply and then you can talk with them. you can hire them on platform like upwork only, post a job and you will get heaps of people. Hope it helps you

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