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Top Five Smart Technologies

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



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Smart Technologies (stemmed as SMART Technologies) is a Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and wholly-owned by Foxconn Technology. Established in 1987, Smart is well known for its interactive whiteboard branded as the “Smartsy Board” widely used in teaching and business. The board’s main function is to provide interactive learning that includes: response, interaction, imagination, problem-solving, and creativity. With the help of this interactive device, it becomes possible to give more value to learning. The aim of Smart Technologies is to facilitate the process of learning through their technologies.

Smart Technologies produces smart boards that can be used in various applications and can be used at all levels of learning. They are designed to provide solutions for educational institutions and businesses alike. There are various smart technology applications such as smartphones, mobile application development, smartphones with digital signage, video conferencing, remote assistance tools, and many more. Some of the most commonly used smart technologies include digital signage, touch screen monitors, digital signage boards, digital signage displays, and remote access software. There are various manufacturers of smart technologies in Canada including Smart Communications, Shea Butter, Sycom, ications International, Digital Associates, NEC UHELL, and Avaya. Some of the most popular smart technology applications are mentioned below.

Smart Security: With the introduction of smart technology devices, security has become one of the major concerns. A smart security camera is an ideal device that can help protect your house against theft and vandalism. With the support of this smart security camera, you can connect it to a computer, a cell phone, or a computer via a USB cable, and you can upload images on the device, which can then be viewed on a webcam or emailed to you. Moreover, you can also view live video streams on the internet from the security camera. One can use a smart key to open or shut a door from anywhere in the house. On the other hand, the smart fridge can keep track of food in the refrigerator so that you don’t get caught with food at home.


Smart Dust: With the help of smart dust you can create a hovering object which is programmed to move across the room by detecting movements. These hover objects are programmed to collect data and send them to a centralized location for processing. This feature makes smart dust a practical and useful component for homes and offices. There are several types of smart dust such as smart dust for computers, smart dust for phones, smart dust for TV, smart dust for the web, and even smart dust for appliances.

Smart Cars: With the help of smart technology you can drive your car using GPS technology. Moreover, the steering wheel controls can also be programmed using this smart technology. Besides, the car safety systems can be monitored and controlled with the help of smart technology.

The above mentioned are the top five technologies used by Smart Technologies. However, these are only five of the many such technologies available in the market. It is expected that the list will keep on growing as the demand for Smart Technology increases. Moreover, with the help of these advanced technologies, users can enjoy several benefits such as savings, enhanced performance, improved customer care, safer environment, reliability, better communication, easy access, mobility, environmental friendliness, and enhanced user experience.

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