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Top IT Jobs of the Future

Jim Bevin



Where to train now for work over the next decade.

We are living in strange times. The working world has come to a crossroads between remote work and in-house employees. This juncture has left everyone feeling a little confused about where to go next. Do we stay remote, or do we return to our offices? Nobody seems to know.

While other industries and sectors were left decimated in the wake of the Coronavirus, the technology sector is going strong. When offices closed, companies like Zoom, Slack, and Google took up the strain. As a result, the technology industries have been booming. As we move into a post-pandemic world, predictions indicate spending growth of 9% in the ICT sector in 2021.

With all this growth on the horizon, it only fits that we ask where the IT jobs of the future will lie.

The Top IT Jobs of the Next Decade

Whether you are fresh out of school or need to train for a new career, these are the IT jobs to look out for in the next 10 years.

1 – Data Analyst

According to the job search experts at icrunchdata, one of the best IT job boards on the internet, data analysts are already in huge demand. This is because we humans have reached the stage where we produce more data than we can process. We have taken to calling this “big data” because it is more significant than our comprehension.

The role of the data analyst is to mine through big data and retrieve the information that companies require. The more technology advances, the more we’re going to need data analysts to make sense of it all.

2 – Cybersecurity

Those who can secure companies’ systems against outside attacks will always have work in every industry sector. But, again, as technology advances our dependency on it becomes an everyday thing. This dependency needs to be protected. Data scandals have the potential to cost your firm millions of dollars. 

According to industry leader IBM, the average cost of data breaches in the U.S. in 2021 rose to a 17-year high of 4.2 million. That number isn’t likely to fall. So training in cybersecurity is a sound investment in your future.

3 – Cloud Computing Specialists

As the business world picks up the idea that offsite storage saves overhead, we can expect to see more jobs advertised involving cloud computing. It will be more accessible through the cloud from architect to engineer, developer to communications expert. 

Cloud computing jobs are already in high demand. This is a job that can often be done remotely. Positions are opening for everything from rollout to server maintenance. Get in on cloud software now while the going is good.

4 – AI/Robotics Engineer

The closer we get to automated service bots, the closer we pay the AI engineers the same as we pay our professional athletes. AI and mechanics’ development, design, and execution will be massive in the next 10 years. We see basic automation at checkouts already, let alone the business automation changing how we operate. AI will be huge; watch this space.

Retrain Now for Future Tech Careers

There’s still time to train. The future is always ahead; you only have to catch up.

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