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Top Ten Technology Terms Used by IT Professionals

Hillary Cyril




The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines technology terms as those terms that indicate new technological concepts and/or methods. Some of the most frequently used tech terms are antivirus, cloud computing, e-mail, social networking, video conferencing, audio conference, transcription, video conferencing, and VoIP. These are only a few of the terms being used in the IT world. Others such as automation, computer software applications, desktop publishing, content management, network operating systems, desktop management, and computing systems are regularly used also. Technically speaking, these are all just a few of the terms used to describe IT which is the subject of so many daily articles.

Cloud computing is one of the many technical terms being bandied about in the IT world. In the cloud context, it refers to the idea of shared infrastructure or a set of servers that are leased by service providers on demand. Such services are offered to consumers or businesses via the Internet and could include software applications, data analytics, infrastructure maintenance, and cloud computing. In essence, these services could be provided for free or at a cost. A prime example of a company that has availed of the use of cloud computing services is Netflix which has used the cloud computing concept to store its movies and enable streaming at no cost.

Another IT term that people often refer to is ‘computer network management which refers to the process of managing the computer network. Computer network management system (CNS) includes network security, fault management, bandwidth management, security policy, security gateways, and intrusion detection and prevention. In other words, computer network management refers to the management system of a computer network. The goal of such a system is to ensure that the system can function smoothly. For this purpose, there is a need for IT professionals to manage the system. In order to perform such a role, experts need to understand the functions of the various components involved in the computer system including servers, desktops, storage, networking, operating systems, memory, processing and memory caches, protocols, security systems, and operating systems.


Another IT term that is of great importance among the IT professionals working today is ‘TechTarget. TechTarget refers to the source code of any software program. As the name suggests, the aim of TechTarget is to track the changes in the source code. This is very important because if the developers do not make any changes in the source code, the technical target will be unchanged and there will be no scope for making any technical changes to the application that may result in an increase in the demand.

Another term that is of great importance to IT professionals is ‘data analytics‘. Data analytics refers to the collection, analysis, and interpretation of the analytics collected by the computer system. This means that the entire process of data analytics includes data collection from various sources such as customer surveys, web analytics, and various types of market research. One can get a clear idea of the business problems and suggest ways to resolve them through the application of the software that has been built.

The other IT term that is of great importance to webmasters is ‘content management system’. As we all are aware of the fact that open-source programs are free to use, the content management system is also called the Content Management System. It is responsible for maintaining the complete content of websites and ensuring that they are available to users across the world. This is very useful in maintaining the reputation of the website among its target customers. The main aim of a content management system is to ensure that the websites are designed in a manner that every page is accessed without any problem and one can access every page without any difficulty.

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