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Two 2016’s Tech Gadgets that make life Extremely Comfortable.




The first thought that one gets when the word tech is mentioned is sophistication. I am talking about drones, 3D printers and other machines of the future that probably are seen only in SciFi movies. The tech gadgets below however are a group of consumer gadgets that are normally put to use in everyday life. They qualify as 2016’s best tech owing to their role in making our lives extremely comfortable.


This is a garage door opener. If you think that your garage is bit too old school, the OmGate will fix that. This Israeli tech is nothing but sophisticated and functional. Did I mention convenient as well? This is because the system operates as an app in any smartphone. So, the OmGate application connects the garage door to your phone such that when you enter, the door gracefully opens itself. In fact you can set it to a mode that whenever the garage is approached when the phone is close; it triggers the door to open. Cool right! For a family, the app user can authorise other phones to do the same and for a business, OmGate can control up to twenty garage doors using one smartphone.


The Mio ALPHA is an efficient fitness tracker. If there are targets to be met in a fitness session or how better to meet them , The ALPHA 2 tech collects all the important data and gives an accurate status report. To help track distance, a heart rate monitor is embedded in a wrist based system. It also doubles up as a pace reader and calorie burn tracker. This wrist based tech is created to be waterproof and durable, more importantly sport proof. Its Personal Activity Intelligence system ensures that the body gets enough exercise and just at the right intensity.

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