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Was the 3D live at Coachella initially meant for Michael Jackson?




Anyone who was in the Sahara at Coachella on Friday experienced something that no one had ever experienced before.

Are there limits of imagination that can be made in reality? 3D Live pushed those boundaries at Coachella Music and Arts Festival this year with Lucent Dossier Experience. Presenting two engagements, one on April 15th and the other on April 22nd, the remarkable performance this year gave an extra sensory excitement with an enormous virtual environment.

L.A.-based collective mixes vocal performances with aerial artists and avant-garde gave a great performance using real-time 3D live graphics.

Though the performance was Lucent’s 11th, it was their first time to take on anything that ambitious. The 3D display was used to track graphics that changed according to the movement of performers.

According to Dream Rockwell, founder and creative director of Lucent, though people have been to 3D movies, to put 3D tech in a live event, to put players before a LED and make the images fly around over and past the performers creates a brand new world. She added that the tech was initially intended to be used during Michael Jackson’s tour before he died. Therefore, the technology has been shelved for many years.

Lucent will perform again this Friday. Rockwell said that 3D live tech will be improved and they have just started something that will turn out to be big.

Lucent Dosier Experience gained distinction with its cirque style performance. The use of live 3D technology allowed the performers to supplement reality in ways that surprised the audience. It was a historic innovation that seemingly defied the laws of existence.
According to the Los Angeles Times, 3D Live marks the future of the light show. It has expanded to become front-runner in pioneering tech that is changing the environment.

The origin of 3D Live can be traced from “Avatar” of James Cameron when the founders of the company begun creating S3D technologies. After this, 3D Live members made the first 3D LED wall in the world. The project aimed to benefit Michael Jackson during his performances.

The Live 3D Performance at Coachella shows that we are beginning to explore and exploit live entertainment technology. According to Nathan Huber, 3D Live Chief Executive Officer, technology will increase concert attendance because people need something wonderful and immersive.

“Our 3D technology enables the performers to be bordered by visualizations,” said Huber. “It is a journey to augmented reality. We are able to create virtual atmosphere that could never exist in ordinary physical space,” continues Huber.

3D Live is a new technology that will transform live entertainment. The technology changes set design methods by introducing virtual objects. It can create virtual rooms, to surround performers who are in stage. Think of anything, it can be made in a virtual environment for the audience.

Expect 3D Live to create the next revolution in virtual reality, stereoscopic 3D LED technology and immersive experiences. Currently, the company patent 3D LED technology and offer turnkey solutions.

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