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What Are The Benefits Of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing Strategies?

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




Digital marketing is an important aspect of advertising which uses modern digital technologies including web and mobile applications, desktop computers, and other electronic media and social networks like Facebook. The focus of this form of promotion is to reach an extensive target audience using digital tools. Some of the key players in the digital marketing field are Google, Yahoo!, AOL and Bing. These companies have been successful in providing quality search engine-based services for their clients. However, the clients have to be aware of certain things regarding these companies to achieve the desired results.

* When it comes to online advertising, most companies take social media for granted. There are various social media pages and groups which can be used for digital marketing campaigns. Social media sites provide users with a platform to share information and experiences. These marketing campaigns can be promoted with the help of banner ads on these websites.

* An effective digital marketing strategy should incorporate both inbound and outbound marketing techniques. Many companies fail to take both inbound and outbound marketing campaigns seriously. This leads to inbound marketing being less successful in terms of reaching the desired consumers. This means that when a potential consumer searches for a particular product on a popular search engine like Google, the company’s digital marketing strategy is likely to appear on the first page of the search results. However, if the company’s advert is not displayed on the first page of the search results, then it is unlikely to generate any traffic or sales.

Digital Market

* Another mistake made by many digital marketing strategy clients is that they fail to update their websites or launch new products regularly. This leads to the company losing its digital marketing advantage. When a client fails to update its website or re-design its ads, it loses all its online presence. This means that it has to keep spending on new methods of promotion to ensure the company’s presence on the internet.

* Most traditional marketing campaigns often include data collection from PPC (Pay Per Click) or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). These data collection methods are not ideal for digital marketers. This is because these methods tend to focus on keywords, which are not relevant to the target consumer. For example, when someone searches for ‘croissants’ on Google, what he sees are ads for ‘baked foods’. This means that he is more likely to be interested in ‘baked foods’ than in ‘croissants’.

* Many traditional marketing strategies do not include social media as an integral part of their campaign. Most digital advertising platforms including email, text message, social media, video sharing tend to offer users options that are more relevant to their search engine requirements. This means that even if people fail to make a purchase right away, a digital marketing strategies client can easily adjust his message and make sure that it targets buyers in the future.

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